Different Personalities of Online ShoppersDo you remember the personality quizzes you’d take growing up?

They ranged all the way from being able to decide your ideal career, to whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, and which member of *insert popular boy band* was your soul mate.

Obviously, some were more serious charts in determining pieces of ourselves than others, but no matter the context, they were fun to take.

Traditionally, we consider such measures to gauge our personality in a physical realm only. However, as the online marketplace increases its global reach, unique personalities are developing amongst shoppers.

When it comes to buying online, behavior is not defined by demographics. BigCommerce collaborated with MasterCard Global Insights to produce a quiz that determines your online buying personality. Figuring out the personalities of your buyer can help you determine how and when to market to them. BigCommerce and MasterCard provided the 5 different online personalities below.

Since it’s Friday, and Fridays are meant to be fun, we added which NBC Parks & Recreation character best suits these different buyer personalities, so you can get a better grasp on who they are and what they want.


Open Sharers

Open Sharers are highly digital consumers. Half are online more than 10 times per day, using the web to organize and share their lives. Over 80 percent believe online shopping saves them a lot of time and hassle.

Parks & Rec Open Sharer: Tom Haverford


Tom cannot live without his devices. He orders from SkyMall magazine and shares excessively on social media.

He will willingly fill out survey forms, tweet about his experience with your products, and take a selfie of himself with his online purchases.

If your brand thrives on sites like Instagram and Twitter where people check their feed daily, you likely have lots of Toms as fans. This is the type of online shopper that wants you to repost their shared content about your products.


Simply Interactors

Simply Interactors are the ultimate social networkers, with 89 percent logging in to Facebook daily. They view social networks as an easy way to stay connected but are not particularly tech-savvy consumers.

Parks & Rec Simple Interactor: Donna Meagle

giphyDonna is a notorious live-tweeter, which has often gotten her in trouble at work. However, having one hand on her desktop and the other typing a new tweet means that she uses tech mainly to stay connected.

Your Simply Interactors will likely find out about your products through social media outlets.

When they want to buy something, they may not look online first. Get their attention with captivating social media posts that are clever, funny, beautiful, unexpected, or all of the above.

If this is your target audience, research the times of day that are most effective to post. When we post on Facebook during the late afternoon (4-6pm), we gain more engagement than posts that air during midmorning hours.


Solely Shoppers

Solely Shoppers are characterized by their reliance on the Internet for their shopping needs, both to research and purchase products. Though they view the Internet as a convenient and safe way to shop, they are much less involved in other online activities such as social networking and entertainment.

Parks & Rec Solely Shopper: Leslie Knope


Leslie Knope may order online gift items for Galentine’s day. She’ll likely take careful time and consideration reading through reviews before deciding which present she should get her best friend Ann.

But besides research and commerce, Leslie does not engage heavily in social media.

You’ll reach these shoppers by getting your site in listings and articles about your ecommerce niche. Check out sites like Wantering and RetailMeNot to get your site listed, and attract serious buyers.


Passive Users

Passive Users are less engaged online than other personas. Only 41 percent feel they’re missing out when they don’t check their social networks daily. But they do appreciate the convenience of ecommerce and are more likely to shop on a mobile device.

Parks & Rec Passive User: Chris Traeger


Chris is not hugely active on social media, but he’s definitely on the go (he’s trying to run to the moon in his lifetime, you know).

He will use his mobile device to shop for a new Fit Bit or eco-friendly water bottle.

For these shoppers, you need to make sure your site is optimized for mobile. Remove unnecessary links, text, or pictures that are too large.

Test everything on your phone, and make sure the process from selecting an item to checkout requires little typing, and just a few clicks.


Proactive Protectors

Proactive Protectors are guarded when it comes to sharing online. They’re unlikely to use social networking sites and are very active in managing their privacy. They shop online because it saves them time, but aren’t willing to trade information about themselves to access deals.

Parks & Rec Proactive Protector: Ron Swanson

mMT8zbrRon Swanson does not like technology, and really loves his privacy. He will not share information about himself, and he will only shop online when it is to his extreme benefit.

Do not ask a Proactive Protector customer to fill out any superfluous details about them, their purchase history, how they found you, etc.

They aren’t on social media, so don’t expect to have success marketing to them on sharing sites.

These customers will often shop from you because you fit their niche interest. Marketing to them through more traditional advertising channels, like at a trade show (or another venue that relies either on their own judgment or someone’s recommendation) is a better solution.


Takeaway: Find Your Niche

Understanding each of these personalities will become more important as ecommerce continues to gain momentum.

There was once a time when only the adventurous journeyed online to order an automotive tool as opposed to going to their local hardware store.

Figure out who’s buying from you, and you’ll better know how to suit their unique needs. Check out these shipping tactics for niche sellers, for example.

To Take the quiz yourself, click here. You can read more about each personality and how to market to them in MasterCard’s ebook.

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