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Video is an amazing way to capture the attention of your target audience, whether you’re growing your company organically or with paid acquisition strategies. Stop Motion specifically is a great way to create compelling looping videos for your ecommerce business.

And the best part? You don’t need to hire an expensive videographer or buy fancy cameras. You can shoot everything straight from your phone.  


What is Stop Motion?

What is stop motion exactly and how can it benefit your business? Stop-motion is a sequence of photos that are stitched together creating magical results with minimal time commitment. Say goodbye to stock footage and hello to videos featuring YOUR products!

stop motion product video example 1
stop motion product video example 2

Why is Video Important?

We understand you’re wearing 10 different hats and hustling to grow your business. So, you’re probably thinking who has the time and is it even worth it?

We’re here to share that creating video doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task and you’ll be pleased with the benefits. If you’re not convinced yet, here are some recent stats on video marketing:

  • Including video on landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%.
  • Including Video in Email Increases Click Through Rates by 200%-300%
  • Online video ads are getting 3x more clicks on average than other digital ad formats, including mobile, display and rich media ads

Steps To Create Your Video

We’ve put together this step-by-step guide to creating your very own stop motion product video. In just 10 steps, you’ll have a video showcasing your own products. Either watch the video our friends over at Life Lapse created or take the step-by-step instructions below and start creating now.


Step 1: Download the free stop motion app called Life Lapse.

Step 2: Start a new project

Step 3: Set up the shot. Though daylight is beautiful, we only advise shooting near a window if the lighting conditions are consistent outside. Why? Because the light can change as you are shooting the video (the sun going in and out of clouds). You’ll start with a bright and beautiful shot and then a cloud covers the sun in the next shot, which results in a flickering effect throughout the video.

Since it was a very cloudy day in Vancouver when our partner over at Life Lapse shot these videos, she decided to use window light, otherwise we’d recommend shooting under in a controlled lighting environment with a lamp.

steps for setting up a shot without a tripod

Step 4: Set up your phone so it doesn’t move… at all. If you move the phone throughout your video, it will look very sloppy.

Typically with stop motion, you need to own a tripod. We know everybody doesn’t own a tripod, which is why we like to provide DIY hacks!

  • If you’re shooting a flat-lay video like in the image on the left, put some books on the edge of a chair and place the phone on the edge of the books. If you don’t have the books there, you’ll get the legs of the chair in your shot, which you don’t want.
  • If you’re shooting an upright video, place your phone into a mug or cup. There is a sock at the bottom of this mug which adds more control over the tilt of the phone.
example of a flat-lay video
example of an upright video

Step 5: Change the auto-lock on your phone to “never”. To do this open the Settings App > Display & Settings > Auto-lock > Never. Here are the steps if you have an Android device.

This will prevent your phone from turning off midway through your shoot. If you don’t have this turned to never and it takes you 5 minutes to complete the video, you won’t capture anything after the phone locks.

Step 6: Next, lock the white balance and exposure so the camera doesn’t auto adjust as your objects more around. This will also prevent flickering light throughout your video.

Step 7: Set up the interval timer because it’s important that you don’t move the phone once you start shooting so the focus can be on the products moving around, as opposed to the phone moving.

Also, make sure the volume switch on the side of your phone is turned on so you can time the movement based on when the phone auto-takes the photo.

Step 8: Start the interval timer and start shooting. This is the fun part where you can bring your products to life and animate them. Take your first picture, move the product a little bit, wait for the timer to go off to take the next picture, rinse and repeat!

Don’t stress or worry if it takes the picture while your hand is in there or you are mid-movement, you can edit those out. We recommend starting with minimal movements of the product and working up as you get used to the process.

Edit the shots where you can see your arm
add filters, music, and more to complete your video

Step 9: Delete the shots that your hands are in.

Step 10: Press the play and watch your product come to life. From the player, you can add music, filters, boomerang feature, and change the size and speed. The auto setting for the app’s speed is likely pretty slow, so feel free to speed it up.

Once you’re happy with the result, scroll to the far right of the app and save the video.


Market Your Video

Now that you’ve completed your video, it’s time to start using it. Here are some ideas on where you can place the finished stop motion videos:

  • Ads
  • Landing pages
  • Product pages
  • Emails
  • Social media

Let us know how your experience went creating stop motion videos in the comments below.

Need help with marketing? Check out our guide to ecommerce video marketing for more tips on what types of videos to create, where the share them, and how to measure the results.

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