Creating a kit for your customers is a great way for them to be able to buy multiple products that they love, or products that go together, without the hassle of having to search for and buy multiple things. And while kitting is great for the customer, it can wreak havoc on your inventory. You have to take into account not only how many of a product you are selling all by itself, but also how many are being added to the kits. As a part of ecomdash’s inventory management system you have the ability to create as many custom kits as you want, and let ecomdash worry about the numbers.

Creating a kit is easy. Under the Inventory management section there are a variety of options to add products, inventories, and to create a kit. Click on the create kit button to get started.

Once you begin the process of creating your kit you can name it whatever you want, add the SKU number, say how many you have in stock, and list the price. Adding products to the kit is as simple as finding the product on your inventory list and adding it to the kit.

So how does ecomdash use kitting to save you time? Just like ecomdash keeps the inventory of individual sold items it will also keep track of individual items sold within a kit. This means that you are able to accurately display a product’s inventory without having to do any extra work. Just like the products that are sold individually, when a kit gets sold ecomdash will update the inventory number for each product that is inside of it.

Creating and maintaining kits in ecomdash is just as easy as maintaining an inventory full of individual items. So by allowing you to create more opportunities for your customers to buy your products, without creating any additional work, ecomdash works with you to successfully grow your business.

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