Imagine: You’re on a warm beach. The scent of salt water and plumerias waft through the breeze, and you’re sipping a rum runner out of a coconut. You hear a ping! and look down at your phone- it’s your email. 500 orders have just been placed in your online store…but you’re 5,000 miles away, drifting into a lazy sleep on the tip of Jamaica. Now what?

As a small business owner, you need a vacation every now and again. We mean it. You need one. But how do you run a company from an island in the sun? When we built our tool, we had that in mind: how will we simplify the lives of our customers, who are hardworking, everyday people, every day of the year, and make it work every time? With our online inventory software, you can run your business, from anywhere at anytime, in just 10 minutes a day.

It may sound like a lofty claim, but our customer Mark, a top seller who owns several different brands selling across multiple channels like eBay and Amazon, knows it’s true. He was able to run his high-volume ecommerce business in just 10 minutes each day, from the sunny shores of the Dominican Republic. Ecomdash enabled Mark to enjoy his vacation and not stress about fulfilling sales orders or inventory levels. Mark said that since using ecomdash, he’s “been able to list a lot more products and streamline.” What made the difference and allowed him to relax was “the ability to import orders and export data in minutes.” Tasks that took him hours previously are now carried out in the amount of time it takes to get online and book a flight to Cancun. How does ecomdash help Mark when he’s back home? It’s allowed Mark and his employees to focus on growing the business. Ecomdash is incredible to work with, and I look forward to using all the new tools they are developing,” Mark says. Thanks Mark! We look forward to our continued work with (and for) you.

If you are looking for a tool and a team that will help you run your business and still be able to enjoy your life, look no further. With ecomdash, you can have your Mai Tai and drink it too.

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