Customer Success Stories

At ecomdash, we’ve worked with thousands of customers selling everything from high-end suits to organic hand soap. We love to share the success of our customers and present their stories to our audience for inspiration and education.


“With ecomdash and Pitney Bowes, it’s very easy to print labels. It’s very quick, and I get the best rates.”


“After using ecomdash to start listing on Amazon Marketplace, we have been able to triple our sales revenue.”

Hardware Box

Saw an 18% reduction in stock losses, a 32% reduction in manual activities, and a 92% reduction in backorders.

Talaria Enterprises

Talaria Enterprises doubled their sales in 12 months and reduced time spent on data entry by 50%.

Century Arms

Within two weeks of adding new products into ecomdash, Century Arms reported earning thousands of dollars in new sales from auctions.


Miri switched to ecomdash and saves $550 a month for the same inventory functions her previous software offered.

Wholesale Keychain

Sales have increased by 20%, and their products are becoming more and more successful on the Amazon marketplace.

Radar Toys

Improved visibility combined with easier sales channel management has increased their sales by an estimated 40-60%.

Big Daddy Guns

They previously had 300 items listed on Amazon and 1,500 on their website. With help from ecomdash, there are now 3,000 SKUs on Amazon and 17,000 on their website.

Mountain Top Leather

After just one year with ecomdash, Mountain Top Leather doubled the number of marketplaces they sell on and saw an impressive 91% increase in sales.

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