Century Arms Customer Story

This month, we had the opportunity to sit down with Sarah and Dan of Century Arms, North America’s largest importer of surplus firearms for over 50 years and the premiere AK manufacturer in North America. Besides firearms, Century Arms also offers a wide selection of knives, swords, ammunition, scopes and Tapco accessories for shooters, hunters and collectors alike. With over 150 employees, Century Arms has a commitment to working hard for their customers and providing firearms and products of exceptional quality.

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Century Arms has a formidable presence in the firearms industry. They are a top seller on GunBroker.com, regulars at major industry events like SHOT Show and have an impressive following on social media. Even though Century Arms is a big name in firearms spaces, the team is friendly, cares about customers and makes it a priority to provide buyers with all the resources they need to use products safely and successfully (just check out their extensive video gallery of product reviews and demos). Talking with Sarah and Dan was like catching up with a friend. We shared some laughs, and learned a lot about how they use ecomdash to strengthen their already successful business. Here’s what Sarah and Dan shared about their experience with ecomdash, and how we can perform as an ecommerce firearms software.

Better Visibility.

Ecomdash has allowed Sarah and Dan to get products listed to their sales channels quicker, and keeps a watchful eye on stock 24/7. The improved control and automation enables the Century Arms team to push listings out faster, and with less worry – since ecomdash updates sales orders as often as every five minutes, they don’t need to stress about overselling. Now that they can manage inventory and listings in one place, Sarah and Dan have been able to list more interesting items across more of their sales channels. It’s allowed them to get specialized firearms in front of the right audience – collectors. These items that are ideal for a special buyer had been sitting in their inventory before. Now, they have the visibility to get these firearms out there and sold quickly.

Within two weeks of adding new products into ecomdash, Sarah and Dan reported earning thousands of dollars in new sales from auctions.

Easy Listing.

Sarah and Dan have experienced success with the in-suite listing tool. “It’s so easy,” Sarah told us. The listing team will add some verbiage and good photos, and the item then basically “sells itself,” she said. Sarah and Dan loves having visibility into what is sold, what listings are queued and which ones are active. Having that line of sight into inventory has been instrumental for streamlining operations.

Dominate the Industry.

Because ecomdash empowers customers to further streamline processes, automate operations and push listings to the right sales channels faster, Century Arms has experienced even greater success. Sarah and Dan can push listings out quickly, which allows them to move inventory rapidly and get revenue back faster. Century Arms is leading the US-made AK business, and they don’t plan on slowing down. When I asked what their plans were for growth with ecomdash, Sarah said there were “endless possibilities.” Improved automation and better control has set them up to enjoy the “exciting part,” which is using the tool to further scale, grow and compete online. With ecomdash as part of the team, they can sell faster and grow sales exponentially.

Great Support.

Aside from the functionality of ecomdash that helps customers increase sales by an average of 23% or speed up shipping processes by 50%, Sarah and Dan also enjoy the ecomdash support team. Even though Sarah thinks ecomdash is “user friendly,” she appreciates the eagerness of our support staff and how they sincerely want to help. The option to chat with an ecomdash support member provides customers with instant feedback, so that they know their voice is heard. Plus, Sarah said she and support team member Staci have a nice time talking, which is awesome to hear.

Beyond their high standards for product quality and customer service, the team at Century Arms is also kind, personable and genuinely fun to talk to. We had a great time getting to know Sarah and Dan, and are so thankful to have them as customers. To learn more about Century Arms, visit their site and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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