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“With ecomdash and Pitney Bowes, it’s very easy to print labels. It’s very quick, and I get the best rates.”

Nilesh Desai, founder of Ezee-Source

Nilesh Desai started Ezee-Source in 2009 when he decided to turn his motorcycle hobby into a business. He initially started selling a wide range of merchandise but has since turned his focus solely on motorcycle gear and accessories. Ezee-Source offers items for passionate riders such as leather vests, saddlebags, jackets, sissy bar bags, and more.

Desai learned the key to success for any business is a satisfied customer base. Based on his expertise, Desai concluded “Customer service is the key element [for success] in any online business. And a big part of that is giving customers fast shipping.” He started offering free domestic shipping and a generous 30-day return policy to keep improving his customers’ satisfaction. However, he found that offering free shipping can be both time consuming and expensive to maintain. He tried using a variety of order management and shipping tools to keep up with the influx of orders, but found that it was taking too long to manage all the various systems.

ezee source ecomdash customer success story
ezee source ecomdash customer success story
Customer service started to suffer due to slower delivery operations. Desai decided to search for an all-in-one ecommerce management software that could replace all those tools and, hopefully, speed up the process. He was discouraged after trying a number of solutions that didn’t quite fit the bill. He decided to give ecomdash a try.

During our free trial, Desai quickly discovered that ecomdash was a robust solution that could suit his business. He effectively managed his orders, shipping, and inventory from our platform for his BigCommerce store. Happy with the results from the trial, Desai signed up as a customer and connected his eBay, Amazon, and Jet channels. From there, Desai and all of his Ezee-Source staff were able to manage orders and shipping from a centralized location, saving them time and money.

Another benefit of being an ecomdash customer, Desai received a free Pitney Bowes account, saving him $180. By partnering and integrating with Pitney Bowes, our customers have access to Pitney Bowes’s discounted shipping rates. “Even if it’s a small difference in rates,” Desai says, “this is a very, very competitive business. I want to save any money I can.”

With ecomdash and Pitney Bowes, Desai can upload order specifications, generate the appropriate USPS shipping rates, easily print shipping labels, and send off his orders much more efficiently than before. “With ecomdash and Pitney Bowes, it’s very easy to print labels. It’s very quick, and I get the best rates,” Desai says. “So, it’s a good combination.”

Always striving to take his business and customer service to the next level, Desai said:

ecomdash review quote

“We have to continually prove ourselves to maintain our customer’s trust. We look to ecomdash, with efficiency-boosting services such as Pitney Bowes shipping, to help us do just that.”

Nilesh Desai, founder of Ezee-Source

By using ecomdash and having access to a free Pitney Bowes account, Desai has had more time to focus on other business operations. He has significantly cut down on shipping costs, allowing for his business to continue to thrive.

Ezee Source’s Favorite Ecomdash Features

Multichannel Selling

Sellers can expand their business to multiple channels while controlling inventory from one place.

Shipping Management

Connect to our various shipping partners for streamlined fulfillment and shipping rate discounts.

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