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In this installment of our customer spotlight series, we sat down with Miri, the owner and entrepreneur behind Fashion2Love. Fashion2Love is a women’s online boutique that specializes in a wide selection of well-tailored jeans. Fashion2Love carries all of the latest styles, washes and trends you would see splashed across popular magazines. Miri and her team source products with exceptional quality and workmanship, all of which are priced affordably for their growing customer base.

Miri and her team are dedicated to providing the best possible shopping experience for their customers. They understand the hesitation some customers may feel when buying clothes online, since there is no option to try on garments before purchase. For this reason, they encourage shoppers to reach out and ask questions regarding the fit of the items they’re interested in, and offer free shipping as well as an exceptional return policy (hint: this is part of how you get repeat customers). Fashion2Love also recently implemented visual search elements to the site, which can significantly cut search time for shoppers looking for a specific kind of item. The entire website is customer oriented, friendly and knowledgeable – just like Miri and her team.

Miri is the epitome of entrepreneurship. She worked for other people for 27 years, and was a reputable accountant (talk about grueling hours!). She decided that if she was going to work so hard, it might as well be for herself. Two years ago she launched Fashion2Love – today, she enjoys seeing the fruits of her labor grow her business into a flourishing company. Together with ecomdash, Fashion2Love is positioned to experience continued growth and make an impact in online fashion retail. Here’s what’s happening so far.

She Saves Money. In order to better manage her business and keep a watchful eye on all moving inventory, Miri was already using another inventory software before working with ecomdash.

She was paying roughly $800/mo…that’s a pretty big chunk of change. She now saves an estimated $550/mo.

for the same inventory functions her previous software offered. Miri enjoys free customer support, plus all of the features ecomdash offers – all of which are included for everyone, regardless of what they pay each month.

She Saves Time. Miri was using an inventory tracking system before, that she described as “buggy.” So even though it did update inventory quantities across channels, she felt it wasn’t reliable and had too many issues. Before that, Miri updated inventory, sales orders and data transfers manually. How long did that take her? “Half of my entire day,” she told us. Not only was it time consuming, it was stress inducing. Having to constantly log in to sales channels and update product quantities in order to prevent overselling was both annoying and risky. Even when she was starting out with only 30 sales a day on over 400-500 items, manually updating her inventory was too much work. Now that she uses ecomdash inventory tracking software, inventory quantities are automatically updated in near-real time, without her time and effort, and without issue.

She Can Grow Even More. When Miri started Fashion2Love two years ago, she was doing it all on her own, running her business out of her house. At one point, she had over 20k pairs of jeans in her home. “It came down to jeans or my husband,” she joked, and shared that she eventually moved operations to a warehouse. Miri has grown her business from the ground up, with plans to hire 6 new employees in the coming weeks. With ecomdash, she now has the power and control to safely scale and sell on new marketplaces, increasing her opportunity for growth.

She Can Relax. While Miri is working hard to turn Fashion2Love into a retail force to be reckoned with, she can rest assured that ecomdash will save her from the burden of overselling or losing control of operations. This eliminates stress, and allows her to focus time on other aspects of her business, which has led to a higher volume of sales. “It does the inventory for me,” Miri said of ecomdash. She’s not handling inventory manually, and can instead do a simple file upload to get new products updated and listed. “I just press sync, and it’s done.”

We’re so impressed by Miri’s business acumen and tenacious entrepreneurial spirit. She has worked tirelessly to grow Fashion2Love into what it is today, and we’re thrilled to give her back hours in the day and keep her from stressing out over overselling. Be sure to check Fashion2Love and follow Miri and her team on Facebook and Pinterest.

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