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“Things that were cumbersome and time-consuming in our previous software are just simple and easy in Ecomdash.”

Gayle Hunter, Founder of Luxelu London

“One of the things I found extremely refreshing about ecomdash is it’s very, very simple… so we can clearly see our inventory, we can change the titles easily, we can search for certain keywords and immediately see the products that are there.

Things that were cumbersome and time-consuming in our previous software are just simple and easy in Ecomdash.”

-Gayle Hunter, Founder of Luxelu London

luxelu london ecomdash customer success story
luxelu london ecomdash customer success story

Inventory management is complicated enough without ecommerce software making it worse. That goes double for international brands.

Using straightforward and intuitive software doesn’t just make your business easier to manage, it can also improve your bottom line. That’s what Luxelu London learned when they switched over to Ecomdash, a decision they’re glad they made today. As a British lifestyle brand selling in different countries and continents, they used to struggle with more convoluted software, even with a smaller product range.

“We’re a relatively small business,” said Luxelu founder Gayle Hunter. “We don’t have thousands of products.”

Despite having only basic needs, Luxelu had trouble with “very complex” inventory management software they were using before. “It wasn’t easy to find products. Even searching for products was incredibly slow, and navigating around was less than intuitive,”

ecomdash review quote

“Like any business we don’t have time to just sit there waiting for software to work. We just need what we need quickly and easily.”

Gayle Hunter, Founder of Luxelu London

The frustration over other software’s complexity put them in the market for a new solution. They were first attracted to Ecomdash’s pricing model, specifically that it’s “based on the number of transactions“ which was, in her words, “a sensible way of charging for software.”

After taking advantage of our free trial, a “really important factor… to determine whether or not Ecomdash was going to work,” Hunter immediately saw how beneficial it was. She loved how the easy-to-use interface saved time, but also that Ecomdash was more attuned to the tasks she wanted to accomplish.

“I wanted to — really quickly — figure out how much stock we had in Amazon and how much stock we had in our warehouse, so that when we were in the warehouse, we could take a spreadsheet with us and tick off if it’s right or if it’s wrong. One of Ecomdash’s team showed me how to create our own stock report. It shows me that information, and we can literally take it down to the stockroom, scribble on it, bring it back up, and write down any changes that we need to in the system.

“And when we create changes to the stock levels, that’s also very quick and easy. It’s not an effort. We’re not sitting there waiting for the system to load back up with the products.”

When asked how Ecomdash has affected Luxelu’s day-to-day, Hunter replied that “it has made it so that we can trust our stock numbers. And that’s the most important thing that we needed to get out of it.”

luxelu london ecomdash customer success story
luxelu london ecomdash customer success story
ecomdash review quote

“Our principal concern was making sure that the stock levels we reported through this software were correct… We have to be on point with stock. We can’t be off by a single unit.”

Gayle Hunter, Founder of Luxelu London

Aside from improving the efficiency of their inventory management, Hunter also enjoys how quickly Ecomdash works. “The speed of Ecomdash is always good. I’ve never had to sit and wait for data. It’s always available to us.”

Luxelu also takes advantage of Ecomdash’s bundling and kitting features. “We’ve started doing the bundling recently, and I really like the way it pulls from stock. We can say, ‘we’ve got a two-pack of the blue and the pink,” and we don’t have to actually dedicate stock to them, as long as we’ve got the single blue and the single pink, it knows to create that as a two-pack for us. I think that’s really clever. It works very well.”

Hunter doesn’t regret her choice to switch to Ecomdash, and wants to continue working together in the future. From simplicity, to speed, to the helpful support, to the cost-effective pricing, Luxelu is happy it made the right decision.

What difference has Ecomdash made to Luxelu in the founder’s own words? “It helps by saving time. It’s just faster. It’s allowed us to take on new services, and that has a positive impact on our business, sales, and our visibility in the marketplace. It has saved us money.”

Luxelu’s Favorite Ecomdash Features

Easy-to-Use Interface

A clean interface allows users to search for product information quickly.

Onboarding Assistance

Learning a new software is easier with our optional onboarding packages.


Sell more and accurately track component quantities as well as bundle quantities.


Sensible pricing with no hidden fees – never overpay for inventory software again.

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