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Here at ecomdash, the coolest part of what we do is being able to work with so many different kinds of business owners. We’ve helped businesses sell everything from healing crystals to spy gear and everything in between. Multichannel selling when done right is a surefire way to grow the reach of any business. When you do it with ecomdash software for multichannel sellers, it becomes simple and scalable.

But you don’t have to take it from us. I recently caught up with our buddy Boon from MeatSnacker and got to hear one of my favorite ecomdash success stories of all time.


MeatSnacker Meets Ecomdash

Boon and his wife started MeatSnacker in March 2015 as an online shop for meat snacks. With over 40 products from 10 different brands, MeatSnacker is one of the largest online meat snacks store in the U.K. Anything from beef jerky to salami to biltong to chorizo can be found on the store.

MeatSnacker started out on Shopify. Once Boon added the Amazon marketplace as a sales channel, sales increased, but so did the headaches. Boon realized what MeatSnacker needed was software for multichannel sellers that integrated with Shopify and Amazon.

“Our need for an inventory management system became apparent once sales started growing and once we were selling through two channels,” Boon said. “After extensive research we decided that ecomdash was the perfect solution for our small but growing business.”

But what made ecomdash so perfect for Boon? Well, a lot.

“Ecomdash automates a lot of the processes we would have done manually in the past, allowing us to do more with the same small team and the same amount of time,” Boon said.

Boon listed his four favorite ecomdash functionalities.

  1. Workflows for managing incoming sales orders into shipping orders and fulfillment
  2. The ability to kit & bundle items and automatically send inventory levels to sales channels based on the inventory of the core products
  3. sophisticated set of reports, whether it’s for stock control, accounting, margin analysis, etc.
  4. Low inventory monitoring so we can run a lean inventory, while ensuring we are always in stock for our customers.

Following the addition of ecomdash to the business, Boon saw a boom.

“After using ecomdash to start listing on Amazon Marketplace, we have been able to triple our sales revenue,” Boon said. “With the growth of orders, we’ve had to take a more rigorous approach to sales analytics and predictions to restock from our suppliers at the right time and in the right quantities, and the reporting tools within ecomdash have been very helpful and timesavers.”

We asked Boon if he had any advice for ecommerce businesses considering software for multichannel sellers.

“Going multichannel has been much easier than we expected with ecomdash,” Boon said. “We had envisioned that it would be almost twice the same effort, but in reality ecomdash has allowed us to expand to another channel easily. Now that we know that, we’re planning to expand to eBay and Rakuten as well later this year!”

Amazing. We help business owners just like Boon increase sales, save time, and revolutionize the way they do business every single day. When you take full advantage of software for multichannel sellers  like ecomdash’s powerful features as Boon does, the benefits are almost too many to list.

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