Mountain Top Leather Customer Story


The following is an ecomdash customer spotlight. We love to share the stories of online sellers who use ecomdash to change the way they do business. Our latest spotlight is on Dave Symons of Mountain Top Leather. Read on to find out how he uses ecomdash to manage the struggle of selling on multiple channels.


A Q&A with Dave Symons of Mountain Top Leather

With a background working in the fulfillment industry, Dave Symons knew the importance of having a reliable inventory management system. There, he was able to foresee the problems that could arise if inventory was not correctly managed. The biggest lesson he learned is that keeping inventory “accurately synced is the difference between life and death in the competitive ecommerce world we live in.” He started Mountain Top Leather in April 2013 with the core value to “treat others the way you would like to be treated.” Specializing in quality leather goods such as wallets, belts, and purses, Dave recently expanded and started offering personalized leather goods. Mountain Top Leather products are available on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Jet. Dave is also working on building a new website on BigCommerce to further expand his online presence.

In October 2014, Dave began using ecomdash to streamline his business and manage selling across multiple channels. Dave uses a variety of ecomdash features to maximize his profits and operate his business. He says “Syncing inventory on multiple channels [automatically], purchase order management, and consolidated sales data,” are the most helpful features when managing his business. Dave also plans on using ecomdash’s listing software and Amazon FBA inventory management  as he continues to scale Mountain Top Leather.

Since Dave started using ecomdash, his business has grown considerably. His profits have more than doubled year over year. From 2015 to 2016, Mountain Top Leather saw an impressive 91% increase in sales. Dave has also doubled the number of marketplaces he sells on. Additionally, the ability to sell kits is one aspect of Dave’s business that was made significantly easier to accomplish with ecomdash. Without an automated inventory system, kits and bundles are very hard for a retailer to offer to their customers. Poor management of kits and bundles can lead to overstocking products or overselling. With ecomdash, Dave knows that all of his inventory is accurate and accounted for.



Dave is one of thousands of online sellers who’ve used ecomdash to consolidate, streamline, and automate their ecommerce operations. His advice to other sellers who want to find multichannel success is to give ecomdash a try. Dave says, “ecomdash is very user friendly, very affordable, and its customer service is second to none.” Want to learn more? Read our other customer success stories.

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