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For the second installment in our customer spotlight series, we had the pleasure to sit down and talk with John and Richard of Radar Toys. Radar Toys is a burgeoning toys and collectibles business located out of Eugene, Oregon. Radar Toys specializes in popular toys inspired by pop culture and favorite games. John and Richard also sell some clothing, accessories, and housewares like mugs. If you’re a fan of Funko POP goodies, Dr. Who, Star Wars or Harry Potter, you will love Radar Toys. Just take one look at the website and you can really sense John and Richard’s passion for the toy industry – and having fun.

The Radar Toys owners really pride themselves on exceptional customer service – which has helped them steward repeat customers on Amazon (so hard to do!). John and Richard think that the bar for customer service in ecommerce is set very low. True, selling online lacks the friendly hello and face-to-face interaction you would find in a brick and mortar. That said, nailing customer service online is possible, and so important to a business’ bottom line. The Radar Toys team responds to all customer inquiries as immediately as possible, which surprises many of their customers who have never spoken with a “real person” when shopping online. They believe exemplary customer service directly impacts their growth and stellar reputation. Just take a look at this note to customers on the Radar Toys website. You can feel their genuine desire to serve customers and provide them with the best shopping experience possible.

source: www.ezee-source.com

Now that they’re using ecomdash, John and Richard can scale their operations and forge greater success. Here are their tips for other sellers looking to streamline operations:

Increase visibility. According to the Radar Toys duo, better brand visibility across more sales channels is their favorite result from using ecomdash. Prior to implementing the software, John and Richard were selling on AmazoneBay and their own Shopify website. Since joining forces with ecomdash, they’ve begun selling on NeweggSears and Rakuten. Now that Radar Toys products are in more places online (or on more “internet shelves,” as the guys put it), their chances at winning sales increase. This improved visibility combined with easier sales channel management has increased sales by an estimated 40-60%.

Speed up shipping. With ecomdash and Stamps.com, Radar Toys has been able to speed up the shipping process significantly. The two-way integration between ecomdash and sales channels plus ecomdash and Stamps.com allows for streamlined communication of customer order information. The Stamps.com and ecomdash partnership has also allowed John and Richard to both scale and speed up internal shipping processes. Before, they needed to train new employees to handle shipping processes on each individual marketplace – now, they just need to learn one system, ecomdash, and new employees are up and running. This has made hiring seasonal employees a breeze.

Overall, John and Richard say their internal fulfillment processing speed has increased by more than 50%.

The speed of shipping has become a significant factor in running a successful ecommerce company; ecomdash can help level the playing field for small and mid-sized businesses. Radar Toys is also able to brand what goes in and on their packages, which is a big factor in excellent customer service, driving traffic to their own website and stewarding long-term, repeat customers over time.

Simplify the busy season. John and Richard used to manage all of their operations with just pen and paper (they said that jokingly of course). They did use some manual processing, including spreadsheets to manage their inventory and sales orders. During the holiday shopping frenzy, when Radar Toys sees the bulk of its sales, they spent an extra $7k on part-time seasonal help. Back then they logged about 30-40 extra hours a week managing individual sales channels, keeping an eye on 400-600 daily orders, and controlling stock levels across channels. Now that ecomdash automates these tedious manual tasks, John and Richard are “excited to see how ecomdash will perform during Christmas,” and how it will simplify the high-pressure season and increase overall sales. We’re excited too, and we’ll be sure to check in with them and find out how we’re doing.

Buy with more diversity/less risk. This was an interesting benefit that John and Richard mentioned, that we hadn’t considered until they brought it up. Here’s how the Radar Toys team explains it: If they want to test out a new product, they don’t have to invest in purchasing 6 new items and list 1 on each of their 6 sales channels. They can just buy 1 item, list it on each integrated sales channel and let ecomdash do all the work. They will have the same visibility on each sales channel, without having to invest in a larger order of product. It allows them to risk less when investing in new products, and gives them the flexibility to test out new items to quickly see which are going to perform better.

It was such a treat sitting down with John and Richard to learn more about them and Radar Toys. We seriously dig the fact that they’re our customers, and we get to work for and with them. John and Richard are personable, passionate and totally committed to creating a superb shopping experience for customers – not to mention hilarious, they had us in stitches during most of the interview. Radar Toys is definitely a store to keep in mind come Christmas time when you’re running around trying to find perfect gifts. Don’t forget, their shipping time is now 50% faster – something to keep in mind if you’re a last-minute shopper. To learn more about John and Richard, visit their site and follow them on TwitterFacebookInstagram and Pinterest.

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