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“Ecomdash is like “a 24/7 sales person” that manages all incoming sales orders and inventory adjustments, day and night.”

Nina, Founder of Talaria Enterprises

This month, we got to spend some time talking with Nina and Joe, the husband and wife team that built Talaria Enterprises, a group of stores that specializes in museum reproductions of famous statues, paintings, and other art pieces. Talaria Enterprises and its legacy stores like Museumize (among others) have been online for 18 years. The subsidiary sites were born out of a strategy to evolve and stay relevant in an ever-changing market (very, very smart). This move has also helped Talaria Enterprises get on search engines more often, and has grown the business significantly. Not all online businesses can find success for 18 years and counting. Needless to say, we are very impressed with Nina, Joe and their team.

More impressive is their dedication to their work. They love art and history, and enjoy sharing this passion with their customers. Nina herself is an art historian and college instructor, and selects products with care and consideration. Each of Talaria Enterprises’ stores exceeds customer expectations – just take a look at a few of their five star reviews. Both Joe, Nina and the team love their products, their customers, and the work they do. Here is how ecomdash is helping Talaria Enterprises grow more successful, and what they plan on doing next.

talaria enterprises ecomdash customer success story
talaria enterprises ecomdash customer success story

Since joining ecomdash, Talaria Enterprises is on the cusp of doubling sales in the next 12-18 months. Nina and Joe say that Talaria Enterprises and its other legacy stores have been able to extend their presence on Amazon and eBay, and plan to grow into new marketplaces. With better channel management and strong inventory maintenance, Nina says that their stores are “poised to become stronger with ecomdash,” and Joe agrees.

Before, the Talaria Enterprises team was using an assortment of different software to manage their varying marketplaces and storefronts. They ended up spending an exorbitant amount of time trying to connect all the pieces. The support team was spending 75% of their day trying to keep stock quantities accurate across all channels. Joe and Nina needed a software that could consolidate inventory and orders in one, central location, and keep up with rapid stock changes.

Ecomdash makes automatic quantity adjustments across channels as a sale is made, and can auto-populate new inventory from their warehouse. Ecomdash was able to replace part-time help, and gave back time so that the team could do the things they enjoyed. As Nina puts it, “ecomdash is like “a 24/7 sales person” that manages all incoming sales orders and inventory adjustments, day and night.”

She also shared that she’s “never had so much fun watching staff members put things into eBay,” which we thought was cool.

talaria enterprises ecomdash customer success story
talaria enterprises ecomdash customer success story

Joe and Nina feel that Talaria Enterprises and its subsidiaries are “always on the ready now.” The internet (and ecommerce in particular) moves so fast. New trends come and go in an instant, and in order to capitalize on the success of a new product, you have to be agile. Ecomdash has helped the Talaria Enterprises team ride these waves of new trends in the industry (Nina even called ecomdash her “surfboard”). Our rapid ecommerce inventory system allows Joe, Nina and their crew to catch new waves in retail trends as they happen.

Their staff, now that they aren’t spending 75% of their day stressing over changing stock levels, can work on creative projects and be innovative. Nina, Joe and the team love their jobs and sharing history with others through their products – they don’t want to be stuck buried in spreadsheets. They now have time to truly scale their business and focus on sales through social media marketing, branding, image and publicity. Ecomdash freed up their time and gave them their creativity back. Now that they can do what they love, “it makes their lives a lot more fun,” Nina said.

The duo shared that their staff now has about 50% more time per week that used to be eaten up with data entry and spreadsheets, and that staffing costs have been reduced. Joe and Nina reiterated that ecomdash has become a 24-hour employee – “for a very moderate price,” they said.

Centralizing inventory. Being able to push products to sales channels “when, how, and where” they want has been essential, and allowed Nina and Joe to harness the momentum of products. They also shared that the ecomdash support team has been responsive, and listens to customer requests in earnest. The new User Interface and improved reporting has been helpful to them as well.

We’re so grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know Nina, Joe and their team a little more, and can’t wait to see how they will continue to grow. Find Joe and Nina and their carefully curated art and replicas at Museumize, eMuseum Store and Talaria Enterprises.

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