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The Map Shop Modernizes Operations with Ecomdash

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“Last August, we launched our new website with Ecomdash, and everything’s changed. The products that are selling. The vendors that we’re selling to… I don’t think there’s a better product in the world for us.”

Tony Rodono, Owner of The Map Shop

Keeping a business management system up-to-date is difficult. Ecommerce allows for fluid scalability, and companies can find their orders double overnight without the means to fulfill them. Imagine the difficulty if your system is decades old — transplanting a modern management system could be fatal.

That was the predicament Tony and Katie Rodono found themselves in when they took over the Map Shop in 2016. Selling novelty and custom-designed maps, this small boutique in Charlotte, NC, first opened its doors in 1991, and their inventory management system hadn’t changed over the years.

The Rodonos saw that, for their fledgling niche store to survive, it needed a stronger online presence, as it was their main source of income. According to owner Tony Rodono, “For every item we’re selling out on the floor, probably nine go out the back door.”

map shops ecomdash customer success story
map shops ecomdash customer success story

The new ownership needed to rehaul the entire 25-year-old system by uprooting the outdated business model. Their goal was “shifting from a company where the majority of our products are purchased and then resold… to being more of a manufacturer, where a larger percentage of our products are the ones that we make… and then taking those products and opening up new sales channels beyond what we have, Amazon being the primary target.”

The problem was their “old, antiquated server-side software.” While it worked fine throughout the 90s, approaching 2020 required something more reliable. Every time their in-house server went down, their business couldn’t function.

“We needed to be on the cloud. We needed to be able to access it elsewhere. We need to just get modern.”

Like many small businesses in an adapt-or-die situation, The Map Shop chose Ecomdash to help save themselves. Thinking ahead, they knew they didn’t just need to modernize their business, but also make sure they stay modern in the future with access to new integrations.

ecomdash review quote

“We use [Ecomdash] reporting a lot, but not in a systematic way. We’re using them more as an alarm system — like “this is wrong, and we never would have known otherwise!”

Tony Rodono, Owner of The Map Shop

“Any integration was impossible. Having a company on board that puts those integrations as a high priority is one we want to partner with.” Rodono went on to explain that whenever “the next big thing” comes around, he wants the Map Shop to be ready — in other words, he doesn’t want to have to pay a developer to integrate every new advancement.

The Rodonos also needed to upgrade their inventory management. SKUs have always been a problem for them — their custom options enable thousands of variations. On top of that, their vendors changed their SKUs constantly, creating a pandemonium of inventory management.

“I think there was something like 120,000 SKUs — not good ones. Duplicates, SKUs that have changed over time.”

After “months and months of just spreadsheet work,” the Map Store got up-and-running with Ecomdash. Not only were their inventory accounts completely accurate for the first time, they also found the automated reports incredibly helpful at catching problems before they were problems.

map shops ecomdash customer success story
map shops ecomdash customer success story

“We use [Ecomdash] reporting a lot, but not in a systematic way. We’re using them more as an alarm system — like “this is wrong, and we never would have known otherwise!”

In the end, the Map Shop credits Ecomdash as crucial in ushering their small business into the world of modern ecommerce. “We’ve been doing something a specific way for 20 years, and that’s not easy when you put something new in there.”

With our platform, the Map Shop effectively got their management system to where they wanted — and with no loss in business, customers, or sales! “Our biggest success metric is that we didn’t drop during a ridiculously difficult migration.”

The Map Shop chose Ecomdash to help with a specific problem, so did it work? “Getting onto a modern, cloud-based system that we can scale — that’s it. That’s definitely accomplished.”

The Map Shop’s Favorite Ecomdash Features

Cloud-Based OMS

Manage everything from sales orders to 3rd party fulfillment in one easy-to-use, cloud-based software system.

Better SKU Management

Track products across all your integrated sales platforms.

Easier Integrations

Integrate with marketplaces, shopping carts, and shipping carriers to connect the dots between inventory, sales, shipping, and more.

Practical Reporting

Our sales reporting system, with several business health reports, will help you make informed business decisions.

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