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This month, we had the opportunity to get to know Nir of wholesalekeychain.com. Wholesale Keychain has been operating online since 2002, and is based out of Tustin, California. Specializing in keychains, license plate frames, money clips and more, Wholesale Keychain has been serving both wholesale and retail customers for a total of 13 years (and counting!). Nir and his team offer exceptional customer service to wholesale and retail customers alike, and truly enjoy hearing from their clients. Though Nir laid the foundation for his success with savvy inventory selection, great customer relations and more, ecomdash was able to help Wholesale Keychain scale his business. Here’s what Nir considers to be the greatest benefits using of ecomdash inventory control software.

What’s Nir’s favorite feature?

He loves the standardization of all orders. “It may sound funny,” he told me, but it saves him and his employees a lot of grief. As he explained it to me, an item may be listed with “title x” on one marketplace, and “title y” on another. Without ecomdash’s ability to uniquely map and identify SKUs, employees would be (and were!) confused – which product SKU was associated with this order? Which item need to be shipped? Ecomdash automatically communicates the SKU associated with the order to Nir and his employees in a standard format – no matter which site or marketplace it comes from. Nir says this simplifies fulfillment greatly.

Better Visibility

Before enlisting ecomdash, Nir was selling on his Magento website only. He couldn’t expand to other channels, because it was too much work trying to manage orders and moving inventory for just one website, let alone other marketplaces and sites. Now, Nir also sells on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca, and is both an FBA and FMB (fulfilled by merchant) seller. He picked ecomdash specifically because with ecomdash, he had the option of expanding to two Amazon marketplaces at once – without losing track of inventory quantities.

Nir estimates that his sales have increased by 20%, and is becoming more and more successful on the Amazon marketplace.

Happier Employees

Who wants to spend all day manually checking for orders, logging order information and updating product quantities? No one. It was such a hassle trying to manage all moving orders and products that one of Nir’s employees actually quit – it was too much to handle. Since ecomdash acts as a 24/7 channel manager, Nir isn’t worried about stressing out employees. He simply has to point them to the right modules, and feels confident that ecomdash gives them all the information they need in near real-time.


Better Use of Time

Nir said before he began using ecomdash, his time was “screwed up.” He couldn’t focus on other aspects of growing his business that interested him – like marketing and building a new website – because he was so busy manually tracking data. Now Nir is able to dedicate time to growth, because ecomdash handles the inventory and order data for him. He was able to redo his website – something that he’d been planning on doing, but didn’t have the flexibility or time to accomplish. He can now also focus efforts on marketing so that his empire grows even faster.


Future Growth

What does Nir plan to do next? Sell on eBay. Then, he will list his products on whatever site ecomdash recommends as the next hot marketplace. We feel this is a huge compliment – and don’t take that responsibility lightly. We want our customers to grow quickly, scale to success and effectively compete against big box retailers online. That means we will only advise you based on what we truly think is best for your business. Our customers are at the heart of our mission, and we measure our success by how well we are able to improve their lives and businesses.


We’re so grateful for the opportunity to learn a little more about Nir and his business. Nir has done an exceptional job building a successful ecommerce company, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for him. We’re thrilled to continue along this journey to ecommerce domination with him. To learn more about Nir and Wholesale Keychain, visit his site.

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