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World of Motion keeps inventory levels up-to-date on all channels

Inventory Management, Ecommerce Expansion
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“Since I’ve joined Ecomdash, I think my business has basically doubled. The last few months have been totally incredible. I hope it continues!”

– Nicholas C., World of Motion

Before switching to Ecomdash, the World of Motion automotive supply store was having trouble with its inventory management. Specifically, the dropshipping seller couldn’t keep up with their suppliers’ inventory feeds on all their sales channels.

To make matters more complicated, Nicholas C. owner of World of Motion, had his eyes set on expansion. The online retailer operates a BigCommerce website and eBay account, with aspirations of joining Walmart and Amazon on the horizon. But before they opened accounts on new channels, they needed to get their current channels under control.

What first attracted World of Motion to Ecomdash was the convenience. For starters, Ecomdash could swiftly update inventory levels on all their channels automatically whenever the supplier updated their feeds. But more than that, it was easy to use.

art cove ecomdash success story
art cove ecomdash success story

With Ecomdash, Nicholas is able to list more products and integrate more of the software he uses for business. Moreover, Ecomdash’s attentive customer service left a lasting impression on this Florida seller. Having used software with less-than-supportive customer support, Nicholas was immediately taken with how helpful Ecomdash support was.

“I was with a company…and I just had the worst experience with customer service. I couldn’t get in touch with anybody. Whenever I had a problem, it took days or weeks to hear back from them… The customer service on Ecomdash is A+ in my eyes.”

ecomdash review quote

 “The customer service on Ecomdash is A+ in my eyes.”

– Nicholas C., World of Motion

Once he partnered with Ecomdash, Nicholas was ready to follow his ambitions. How has business been going since switching to Ecomdash?

“My primary business was dropshipping, and now I’m starting to also buy lots of wholesale and shipping right from here as well… I’ve been expanding a lot!”

Nicholas likes how he can handle all his business from the Ecomdash dashboard, including shipping.

“Everything’s like a one-stop. I do all my shipping through Ecomdash now. I don’t have to have ShipStation separately.”

World of Motion’s Favorite Ecomdash Features

Inventory Feeds

Accurate inventory readings, all the time. Add inventory feeds for any dropshippers or other sources from an FTP, SFTP, or HTTP site.


Integrations with all popular online sales channels and other ecommerce tools for shipping, analytics, competitive pricing, and more.

One-stop Dashboard

Manage all your ecommerce-related tasks from one centralized platform, with access to deliveries, product listings, sales data, and more.

Responsive Customer Support

Our support team is available via phone, email, or live chat to help with your inventory questions.

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