Marketing tips for Cyber MondayThe Monday after Thanksgiving was named Cyber Monday back in 2005 by the National Retail Foundation (NRF) because it brought the most sales out of any other day. In 2019 alone, Cyber Monday sales hit around $9.4 billion!

This year, Cyber Monday falls on Monday, November 30, and it’s a day that all ecommerce businesses need to prepare for. To that end, we’ve got a list of marketing tips that will help you make the most of this very busy and lucrative day.


Offer an Exclusive Deal

The main reason that Cyber Monday and Black Friday result in so many sales is that the amazing deals offered are the best a consumer will ever find. You can’t run the same run of the mill deals you offer throughout the deal. It must be unique.

Consider offering a deal that you wouldn’t normally offer, like a discount on a top-selling product, BOGO option, or free shipping. The key is to make it something that is just too valuable to pass on and one the customer may never see again.

Exclusive, limited time offers create a sense of urgency, and the discount or deal motivates customers to make a purchase. This is a great way to boost sales on Cyber Monday – it may be the biggest sales getter of all.


Support a Cause

Consider donating a percentage of your Cyber Monday sales to a good cause. Millennials are a sustainability-loving generation, and they are fast becoming a significant portion of ecommerce buyers. In fact, millennial spending in the U.S. is predicted to account for 30% of total retail sales by 2020.

Offering a humanitarian approach to marketing your products is not only a great way to connect with millennials, it’s also a way to differentiate your brand. Show your eco-friendly, sustainability-conscious shoppers that your brand is about more than just selling products, that it’s about doing good for others as well.

Promote your charity event as an “everybody wins” campaign. Your customers benefit because they can get the products they want while supporting a good cause, and the organization will benefit from your Cyber Monday donation.


Launch a New Product or Service on Cyber Monday

This idea may sound daunting, after all, it is the busiest online shopping day of the year. However, it could give you the edge over your competition, especially if it Is exclusive to your brand.

This idea will take some research and a lot of preparation, but when it’s done right, you can capitalize on the increased visibility and traffic that comes with a new product launch.

Start promoting your new product or service weeks prior to Cyber Monday. This will help you build the hype needed for a successful launch. Market the details on your social media pages, email campaigns, pop-up advertising, and anywhere else your niche audience lives. There are millions of Cyber Monday shoppers looking for the best deals online, so getting your new product in front of them can be a huge advantage to growing your brand awareness.

Use Product Bundling

Cyber Monday shoppers are looking for the best deals they can find. As a result, there’s no better time to take the opportunity to introduce your customers to products that may not otherwise be available.

Pair your top-selling products with slower-moving or just launched items. From complimentary products to holiday gift-baskets, the sky’s the limit for ideas. And the best part, if you sell on Amazon, you can make a new ASIN for this product bundle, which means less competition!

Here’s a brief guide on what product bundling is with some creative ideas to get you started.


Offer a Digital Product Giveaway

The reciprocity principle is a theory that says that there’s a human tendency to want to give something back when something is received.

Much of the marketing content you see online works according to this principle. For example, you provide valuable information to potential customers in your social media and blog posts, and appreciating what they‘ve been given, viewers will want to repay the favor by making a purchase from your site.

The trick to giving something for free is to promote its value. Providing your customers with something they feel is useful to encourage the reciprocity principle. Consider offering digital freebies like how-to articles, podcasts, ebooks, webinars, and videos to inspire shoppers to buy.


Cross-Promote Other Relevant Sales

Be a curator of sales. There can be a lot of power behind taking on this role and being the brand that recommends deals for Cyber Monday shoppers. Customers appreciate someone else doing the legwork for them regarding sales that are relevant in your industry.

Consider working with some related, but not competitive, brands. Then cross-promote special sale collections that include products from both brands. For example, if you have a business that sells products in the sporting gear and clothing niche, you may partner with a business that offers vitamins and supplements that sports enthusiasts would be interested in.

This tactic will position your brand as an authority in the industry, a curator of great deals, that will keep customers coming back to your store.


Are You Ready for Cyber Monday 2021?

Now you have some of our best marketing tips and ideas to prepare for this year’s Cyber Monday. You have what it takes to blow your sales out of the water!

Although Cyber Monday is just one day out of the year, it’s massively important for ecommerce retailers. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to cash in on this shopping event – it can make a significant difference in your overall sales revenue for the whole year. Hopefully, you found some suggestions that you can implement in time for Cyber Monday this year.

Let us know which of the above tips you plan to try in the comments below.

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