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As the holidays begin to approach, we’ve been arming you with tips to increase your social media presence, beat the competition with charitable giving and get your mobile sites ready to handle the traffic. In our post on marketing your holiday deals, we recommended being careful as to when you release that information – too soon, and shoppers may loose interest. Too late, and your competition has already captured the attention of consumers. Though we strongly advise waiting to talk about the details of your deals, there is no reason you can’t start dropping hints now. In fact, we think you should.

Think of it like walking through a mall. When a new store is in the process of moving in, its outer walls will be plastered with “Coming Soon,” and possibly images of a model or product. Create a page in your ecommerce site that mimics this preview. Then, include one or more of these suggestions:

  • Use keywords like jaw-dropping deals, epic steals, incredible BOGOs, etc. Whatever makes sense for your store.
  • If there is an item or line of products you know you’ll be marking down for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, add a couple sentences to your copy that hint at it.
  • Consider downloading a countdown timer like this one that counts down the time left until your deals go live.
  • Add a call to action asking them to sign up for an email alert when the deals become available. This will not only keep them in the loop, it will enable you to send them promotional emails and updates in the future.
  • If you sell on a marketplace, edit your storefront details to include a “coming soon” disclaimer. Let shoppers know you’re prepping for the big cyber holidays, and they should get excited. Here’s an example of a Black Friday preview page we really like:


How are your Black Friday/Cyber Monday preparations coming along? Do you feel ready? Let us know your Cyber Monday seller tips for 2014. Are you ready to handle the traffic and drive sales?

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