With Thanksgiving over, Black Friday upon us and Cyber Monday a mere 72 hours away, you are in the midst of the busiest season of ecommerce selling. Hopefully, your products are flying off the virtual shelves, inventory is up-to-date and sales orders are being shipped with ease. Even if all functions of your ecommerce automation run smoothly, you may still feel your hands clench into fists and your neck become rife with tension. It’s a stressful time – and we understand. To help combat the anxiety and pressure, here are 4 stress fighting strategies to get you through the next few weeks.

 1. Breathe

Though it is something we do without cognitive effort, breathing is a powerful meditative tool that is often overlooked. Follow along with this breathing exercise to help restore calm in your mind and body.


2. Laugh

Remember Will Ferrell as Alex Trebek in the SNL Celebrity Jeopardy skits? Of course you do, because it was hilarious. Laugh along, and let the stress melt away.


3. Connect With Others

The Mayo Clinic suggests that sharing your frustrations can help ease tension and stress. Talk with other sellers who are in the same boat as you on the Amazon Seller Forum, EBay Discussion Boards, Shopify Forum and Warrior Forum.


4. Get Active

Exercise can significantly reduce the amount of stress you feel by pumping your brain with endorphins. No, we won’t show up at your front door with a whistle and a clipboard to scream “drop and give me twenty!” We can, however, suggest you pretend this is chasing you –


And here’s the Jaws theme to motivate you. Run fast.

We hope these stress tips help you beat some of the Holiday intensity, and that you have a happy and successful season! As always, feel free to contact us with questions. What’s your favorite way to beat stress? Let us know in the comments!

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