If there’s one thing everyone in our industry can agree on, it’s that ecommerce changes – fast. In this ever evolving world of software, selling and syncing, we want to make sure we are meeting your needs, when you want them. So how do you know if the integration you’re looking for is coming up? How can you tell if we’ll get there quickly?

At ecomdash, we run a highly-responsive, agile development shop – meaning things change fast and often. We revisit and reprioritize every potential new feature and new integration on a monthly basis, with only 30-45 days getting locked-in at any given time. We listen carefully to our customers, and want to make sure we are readily adding new software that will better suit them.

Our team is highly responsive to our current client needs, trial user needs, and the overall market needs (in that order!). Just like ecommerce, our new integration schedule is rapidly evolving. If you have a suggestion of where to go next – tell us! We love to make things simpler for our customers, and are always looking for new ways to help you sell better, smarter and faster.

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