Product listing do's and dont's for Walmart

Ecommerce retailers who join the Walmart Marketplace instantly have the opportunity to reach over 100 million Walmart shoppers every month. As Walmart sellers, online business owners maintain control over their inventory, pricing, fulfillment, and customer service, while having the advantage of a huge retail name like Walmart backing up their product catalogs.

Walmart makes selling on their platform easy, but there are some Do’s and Don’ts that make listing products even easier. We’ve put the lists together for you below.


The Do’s of Listing Products on the Walmart Marketplace

  • DO list your products in the right categories and map attributes accordingly. This “do” is essential. If you don’t place products in the correct category, customers won’t see them. Accurate attribute mapping ensures that shoppers will find your product if they use Walmart’s built-in filters.
  • DO write unique, descriptive titles and product descriptions. Use keywords, generic terms, and any attributes in the product title. Then, in the description, include all the details about your product. Check out these 5 ways to avoid product description plagiarism when listing to new sales platforms.
  • DO post high-quality, detailed images. Walmart requires that products are photographed with a white background, with no accessories showing that aren’t included at purchase. Images must not be obscene, and can’t include any logos, watermarks, illustrations, graphics, or text.
  • DO use meta keywords. Meta keywords provide the opportunity to add extra information that a customer might search for to find your products.
  • DO offer free 2-Day shipping. Joining the Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping program helps you be more competitive.
  • DO try to win the buy box. Winning a buy box with your product will help you sell more on the Walmart marketplace. To win, you should price your products at the lowest price relative to other sellers (including shipping costs).


The Don’ts of Listing Products on the Walmart Marketplace

  • DON’T overlook Walmart’s selling guidelines. Sellers are expected to adhere to the rules and policies that the marketplace has set. Be sure to read the Marketplace Seller Agreement and the Prohibited Products Policy thoroughly. If you violate these, you may have your seller account suspended.
  • DON’T skimp on shipping and customer service. Walmart sellers must maintain on-time shipping and delivery while provide excellent customer service to meet the marketplace’s operational standards.
  • DON’T forget to double-check listings. There are some sections of product listings that will keep your products from appearing if they are incorrect, or worse, forgotten. Always check to make sure that your product listings have the following sections completed:
    • SKU Number – Missing SKUs is the number one mistake that Walmart sellers make.
    • Product Type – Be sure to define the product type for each item listed.
    • Category Mapping – While using the wrong mapping won’t result in your product not posting, it can result in it being in the wrong place for shoppers to find. Be sure that you place products in the right categories.
    • Correct Product Name – There is a set of standards regarding product content that you must maintain. Keep these standards in mind as you write your titles and descriptions, or your products won’t post.
    • Correct Barcodes – If there is an incorrect, duplicate, or missing barcode assigned to your product, it won’t be approved by Walmart.


Factors That Influence Sales on the Walmart Marketplace

Now that you have an idea of what to do and what not to do when listing products on Walmart, let’s take a quick look at how you can positively influence your sales on the marketplace.

While there isn’t a magic formula for significantly influencing your organic rank on Walmart, there are some things to be aware of that could boost your sales, including:

  • Positive customer reviews – Creating positive customer experiences will help you earn great reviews. Walmart doesn’t say how these reviews are taken into account by them, however, they are important to shoppers who search for products by average review.
  • Low pricing – Pricing your products as low as you can afford will help you win the Buy Box. Most shoppers simply buy the product that is in the Buy Box without investigating other options. That alone can boost your sales considerably.
  • Meeting Walmart and customer expectations – When you adhere to Walmart’s policies and standards (some that are mentioned above), there is no doubt that you’ll also meet customer expectations.
  • Advertising – Walmart offers in-house advertising and it is definitely worth considering. You can find your options at Walmart Media Group’s website, or you can shop around for a third-party platform that partners with the Walmart Marketplace.

It’s also important to follow the rules and guidelines as we stated earlier. Make sure you avoid these common Walmart selling mistakes to maximize your profit.

Final Thoughts

The Walmart Marketplace is a great opportunity for ecommerce sellers who want more visibility (and who doesn’t?) but are still able to maintain control over their online business. When you follow the marketplace’s guidelines, create unique product listings, and keep your prices low, Walmart can be a lucrative sales channel for your ecommerce business.

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