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Jet is fairly new to the world of online marketplaces and they are a bit different than other platforms.

The biggest difference is the fact they have only one listing per SKU, for the whole marketplace. That means they will match your product to an existing product in their catalog. So, when a buyer searches for a product, they will find only one listing. The merchant who ends up fulfilling a customer’s order is selected once the checkout process is completed. Jet’s goal is to operate a fair and transparent marketplace for sellers while delivering high-quality products at the lowest cost for buyers.

This means the process of listing to Jet takes more time and attention to detail than any other marketplace. They are much more meticulous and selective.

But, don’t let it sway you from selling on Jet. It can be a very profitable addition to your ecommerce business with little risk (no listing fees).

We’ve put together a list of do’s and don’ts to make listing products on Jet as painless as possible. Follow these guidelines to get your listings approved quickly.


The Do’s of Listing to Jet

  • DO make sure that all the information you include is accurate and specific to the product: UPC, Title, Image, Description, etc.
  • DO include the brand name of any product you are selling at the beginning of the title.
  • DO include an informative description of the product (up to 500 characters) that highlights the item.
  • DO make sure you’ve mapped each product to a Jet-specific category.
  • DO add all applicable attributes for each product (size, color, etc.).
  • DO submit a high-resolution image, on a white background, that are 1500 x 1500 pixels.
  • DO use the proper identifiers for each product – UPC, ASIN, GTIN, EAN, GTIN14, ISBN10, or ISBN13. Be sure to double check the accuracy. Your merchant SKU is also required.
  • DO provide the shipping weight, package dimensions, and multi-pack quantity.


The Don’ts of Listing to Jet

  • DON’T enter information specific to any retailer, including yourself. In other words, don’t include sales or promotional information or specific retailer branding on your images.
  • DON’T list prohibited items such as refurbished, non-manufacturer-approved bundles, or tobacco.
  • DON’T include attributes in your description (size, color, etc.). These should be entered in the appropriate attribute fields.
  • DON’T list handmade items. Items must be professionally manufactured products.
  • DON’T include any special characters or product attributes in the title.
  • DON’T submit images with watermarks, sales information, or company branding, or use placeholder images.
  • DON’T submit images in the following format: multi-layer png.
  • DON’T use fake or filler information, it is better to leave it blank.


Understanding Jet’s Product Listing Approval Process

Now that you’ve properly setup the listings. It’s important understand Jet’s product listing approval process. There are four steps to the process:

  1. You enter product data into Jet’s system. It’s important to list as much product data as possible in this step, and check to make sure it’s all accurate.
  2. Jet checks all the data you entered to see if it matches a product already in their catalog. During this step, if Jet determines that any of your product data is incorrect, it will kick your listing out for a manual review. This slows down the approval process.
  3. Jet maps your product to one that is currently in their catalog or creates a new catalog product. If you’re selling a product already in Jet’s catalog and you’ve entered all data correctly, your product will be mapped to the existing product. If you‘re selling a product that isn’t in Jet’s catalog, a new listing will be created. This new listing may take extra time.
  4. Your listing is approved. Congratulations! You are a Jet marketplace seller. You will begin receiving orders for fulfillment.


Don’t Hesitate to Get Your Jet Listings Submitted

The differences between Jet and other marketplaces shouldn’t deter you from selling on Jet. While there are some challenges, Jet is a solid choice for expanding your online business. And, when you keep the follow the do’s and don’ts, it will make it much easier to get your listings approved. Still don’t know if you’re ready to sell on Jet? Check out these 6 reasons to sell on Jet and see if it’s the right decision for you.


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