Bonanza do's and don'tsThe Bonanza marketplace launched in 2008 and has grown year over year. It’s home to over 25,000 sellers and nearly 5 million shoppers who visit the site every month. While it’s not quite eBay or Amazon, it’s a valuable added sales channel for many ecommerce business owners.

If you’re interested in adding the Bonanza marketplace to your list of online sites, it’s important to know the listing do’s and don’ts. Let’s take a look.


The Do’s of Listing Products on Bonanza

Listing products on Bonanza has several elements to get right for a successful launch, and to stay on Bonanza’s good side. Keep these “do’s” in mind when creating your listings:


Product Titles

  • DO be straightforward with your title. Use simple and descriptive words in the title of your product. Include enough information to entice viewers to click on your product listing, but don’t keyword stuff. Putting extra words like synonyms or variations of keywords won’t help your search and will make your titles look unprofessional.
  • DO include the brand and MPN if you have it, in the title. It is a good idea to put the brand of the product as well as the manufacturer part number in the title. These types of product identifiers will help Bonanza place your listing in the right category, which will improve the visibility of your Bonanza listing in online searches (like Google).
  • DO include the products attributes in the title. If your product has specific attributes (like size, color, and type), include them in the title. Type, size, and brand should be closer to the beginning of the title, while the rest of the attributes should come after. For example, Laura Ashley Sophia Collection 300-Thread-Count Pillowcases (Blue, Queen, Set of 2) is better than Blue Pillow Cases
  • DO use strong keywords and all the characters. Make the most of your title by using strong keywords (keywords are the words customers use searching for a specific product) and all of the available character spaces. The better your title is, the more visibility your product will have. However, be aware that Bonanza doesn’t list products with a title including more than 80 characters.



  • DO use a neutral background. An all-white background in your images is best, but if that isn’t possible, be sure that the background is a light, neutral color, and that you have adequate indirect lighting.
  • DO use clear, high-quality images. Make sure that your images are not blurry and that they show the details of the product.
  • DO show the product from different angles. Include product images from different points of view. Because online shoppers can’t examine the physical product, it’s important to show them different angles that highlight all its features.


Item Traits

  • DO share as many item traits as you can. Listing all the item traits you can will help your customers find your products. These include brand, color, size, condition, unique product identifier, etc. This allows shoppers who are looking for something specific to find your items. For example, if you’re selling T-shirts, but you don’t have the color listed, customers who search for “Blue T-shirts” won’t find your product.



  • DO research before you price your products. You want your prices to be competitive but also profitable.
  • Competitive: Try searching other similar items on Bonanza, as well as Google, to get an idea of what your competitors are listing them at.
  • Profit: Calculate how much you pay for the product including receiving fees, storage fees, fulfillment costs, etc.). From there, consider pricing strategies to determine what’s the best approach for profitability.


The Don’ts of Listing Products on Bonanza

In addition to the things you need to do, there are some actions you should definitely avoid when listing products on Bonanza. The following are some don’ts to keep in mind:


Product Titles

  • DON’T use all capital letters in the title. Not only does this make it appear that your title is screaming at the shopper. Google Shopping, one of the many integrations Bonanza makes available to its sellers, won‘t list items in search results that have titles with all caps.
  • DON’T forget to proofread your title. Spelling and grammar mistakes in your title make it look unprofessional or careless, which can push customers to make purchases from your competitors.
  • DON’T use incorrect or excessive punctuation in your title. Titles that misuse punctuation or use it in an attempt to grab attention, come off as fake or scam-like. Additionally, Google Shopping won’t accept titles with unnecessary punctuation, if you choose to integrate your Bonanza products with Google.
  • DON’T use fluff words in your title. Be sure that you don’t use superfluous words in your title. Words like “real,” “new,” or “look,” don’t serve any purpose in your title, instead, they take away valuable space that could be better used with relevant keywords.



  • DON’T use a camera flash. It’s better to use indirect natural light, as flashes often brighten only parts of the item while leaving other parts dark or hard to see.
  • DON’T place anything other than the item in your main image. Your featured image should be your product photographed alone – no accessories or other items. The main image should highlight your item, so put any accessories in the product detail images.



  • DON’T forget about shipping cost when pricing. Bonanza has various shipping options for consideration. Just be sure that when pricing products, account for any shipping expenses you might incur.
  • DON’T forget that listing on Bonanza is free. Bonanza doesn’t charge listing fees, and that’s a savings you can pass on to your customers.


Start Listing on Bonanza

Even though Bonanza isn’t as huge as other marketplaces, it can be a solid addition to your sales channels. It has shown continued growth and it has far less competition than other online selling platforms.

With the do’s and don’ts listed above you have the foundation you need to start listing your products on the Bonanza marketplace and adding to your business’s bottom line. If you’re interested in adding Bonanza to your sales channel repertoire, check out our Bonanza listing tool to help get your products on the marketplace. Once selling, you can use our Bonanza inventory management solution to help manage your multichannel business such as product quantity syncing, order routing, and much more.

Do you sell on Bonanza? Let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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