Tips for Dropshipping Computers and Computer Accessories


Computers, and the accessories that go with them, are some of the most in-demand products around. The global PC (Personal Computer) market has been slowly declining in recent years but remains massive – with nearly 62 million computers being shipped to customers in the first quarter of 2018. The computer accessories market is projected to grow from $12 billion to almost $16 billion by 2021. If you’re interested in taking a slice of this massive market (or growing the one you already have), here are ten important tips to help get you going.


Do Your Research

If you’re selling online, one of the first things to do before you start filling your product catalogues is lots of research. With computers and their accessories, it’s no different! Always check which brands and specific products are selling the most and can add the most value to your customers.

Pro Tip: Follow a few different ecommerce trend publications and blogs to learn about interesting and trending products.


Get the Presentation Right

Even if you have all the right products listed in your store, your effort could go to waste if you don’t offer a good user experience. A website with a sleek design and user-friendly layout has a higher chance of keeping visitors browsing for longer, increasing the chances of a purchase. Payment processing should be an easy and convenient step for customers, so make sure to provide multiple payment options and the possibility of storing data, allowing future purchases at the click of a button. Professionally taken pictures that showcase your products in detail also help build customer confidence in your brand.

Pro Tip: Monitor ecommerce web design trends to keep your website relevant and provide mobile payment options to improve customer experience.


Have a Flexible Return Policy

Since we’re mostly dealing with electronic products, fabrication defects and malfunctions are concerns that your shoppers will have, especially when they buy online. This could mean negotiating with suppliers to make sure that no one gets stuck with a lemon at the end of the day. Having a hassle-free return policy will give your customers the assurance they need to press that purchase button with no regrets.

Pro Tip: Simplifying your return policy can help boost future sales, so make sure it is clear and easy for your shoppers to find.


Consider Selling Substitute Products

Many brand name products may be tough to dropship. A lot of big brands usually prefer to sell their products directly to the consumer. But in many cases, especially with accessories like batteries and charging cables, generic versions offer good quality alternatives (and are a lot cheaper) for many of your potential buyers.

Pro Tip: When choosing the best products to dropship, keep the max weight below 1 lb and the price no more than $50.


Include Detailed Product Descriptions

Your listing should include easy-to-read and detailed information that accurately describes the wares you offer and what they can do for buyers. Also, make sure to suggest or imply other relevant accessories. Technology changes fast and as an online seller, you need to keep up with product innovations to stay ahead.

This means scanning through and updating your product listings regularly, whether you’re selling computers or accessories for them.  If you’re selling accessories, be sure to explain what computers they’re compatible with!

Pro Tip: To write effective product descriptions that sell, identify your buyer and tell a story.


Get in Touch with Suppliers

This is a competitive market so it’s very important to keep a close eye on your margins. As sales start picking up, consider negotiating discounts on bulk purchases for future fulfillment, or even financial contributions to spend on online advertising to boost sales.

Pro Tip: Improve your supplier relationships with better communication: treat them well, check in regularly, and try using automation software.


Offer Perks for Combined Purchases

If your customers decide to purchase multiple products from your website, don’t be shy about rewarding them for it! Discounts and free (or cheaper) shipping encourage customers to buy more products.

Pro Tip: Free shipping isn’t impossible for small businesses, you just need to calculate your minimum cart value.


Target Niche Markets

Even though computer sales as a whole have been low recently, gaming PC sales have been booming thanks to constant improvements in graphics and virtual reality. Focusing on various niches such as the gaming PC makes it easier to build marketing campaigns for trending markets. You can use targeted ads on social media to make sure your products are shown to the people most likely to buy them.

Pro Tip: Using a a tool such as Google Trends to find your ecommerce niche can help you pinpoint the types of products that could take your business to the next level.


Automate Your Manual Tasks

After you’ve sourced your products, listed them, and started to receive some sales, you need to manage the process of routing those sales to your suppliers. That’s where dropship automation software can save you time and headache, by handling all those manual processes. This type of software can scan for new sales orders and route those sales orders to the correct supplier, without you having to log in. This gives you time back in the day to focus on growing your business.



The computer & accessories market is a great way to make money online. Constant innovation ensures that demand for these products will always be there, but selling them means beings willing to stay up-do-date on an industry that’s changing on a daily basis. For online sellers willing to do their homework and due diligence, this market is a great way to start making some serious bucks online!


How To Start A Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping seems like an easy business model to start due to its low inventory risk. However, it does take some serious planning. Use our guide to get started today.

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