Dropshipping Craft SuppliesDropshipping is a great way to operate an ecommerce business. For those of you who are unfamiliar with dropshipping, it’s an order fulfillment method in which the retailer doesn’t store the inventory he or she sells. Instead, when a customer makes a purchase, the retailer sends the sales order details to a third-party supplier who ships the products directly to the customer. It’s a great, hands-off selling strategy for ecommerce business owners.

One of the most popular product niches in online retailing is craft supplies. The following are a few best practices to follow to make your craft supplies business unstoppable:


Make Your Craft Supply Products Stand Out

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When dropshipping products, including craft supplies, you may be tempted to use manufacturer or supplier descriptions and photos because it is faster to list items. Avoid that temptation. Write your own creative descriptions that really highlight how your craft supplies can be used, and be sure to include photos or videos of finished projects with your products. Request samples to use to post original, detailed, beautiful photos that make your products stand out.

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Find Reputable Craft Suppliers

There are many suppliers to choose from which makes it hard to find the right suppliers for your business. Remember, there are a lot of sub-standard products and suppliers, so do your homework before making any decisions. Ask for samples so you can see the quality of their products. Look at ratings, reviews, and comments. Search dropshipping forums and see what other retailers are saying – who they work with, and who they wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole.

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Accurately Price Your Products

Pricing products is really a balancing act. You need price low enough so customers will want to buy your products, but high enough that you make some profit. Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic button to push that comes up with the perfect price. But, there are some software solutions that will help you price competitively. Look for repricing applications that monitor your competitors’ prices and automatically adjust yours to stay in the game.

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Use DIY Video Marketing

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Videos are popular on social media and starting to make its name in retail. It is a great marketing strategy for craft supply businesses. Customers want to see what they could crate with your supplies, and they want tutorials. Sites like Pinterest and Etsy have taken crafting to a new level, so to keep up, consider how-to and other types of videos as a major part of your marketing strategy.

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Find the Right Technology

The right platforms, software solutions, and applications can make your operations run smoothly and profitably. Look for tools that are easily integrated with one another to make your life much simpler. For example, if you are running an Amazon and Etsy store, you will want a dropship management solution that integrates with those platforms. Additionally, if you are going to be using repricing apps, listing tools, payment gateways, accounting software, or any other kind of digital tool, you’ll want those to be easily integrated as well.


Final Thoughts about Dropshipping Craft Supplies

There is a large market for arts and crafts supplies, and more customers are buying supplies online. It’s a great time to capitalize on the market, and with dropshipping methods available, there really is no reason to not give dropshipping craft supplies a try. There is little risk, few start-up costs, and no inventory to buy or stock ahead of time. And with the above best practices, you have a head start to a very successful business.

How To Start A Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping seems like an easy business model to start due to its low inventory risk. However, it does take some serious planning. Use our guide to get started today.

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