Our dropshipping management software will automatically send sales orders information to warehouses that you have added to the system. All you need to do is add your dropshipper to the system, select to enable dropshipping, and create an export format. This means that coupled with the ability for ecomdash to automatically import your sales orders into the system, you can complete an entire sales order and have it sent to your warehouse without ever logging into their system.

  • Automated Order Delivery: Ecomdash can now import sales orders from all of your sales channels and then deliver via FTP or email to the supplier defined for that product.
  • Define Your Format: For each Warehouse you need to deliver order information you can define a custom delivery format to ensure it meets their format requirements to process.
  • No Manual Interaction: Ecomdash will run behind the scenes to import your sales orders every 5 minutes and then just email or deliver via FTP your order information without you needing to even login to the system!
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