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Our dropshipping management system allows for hands-off communication with dropshippers, suppliers and warehouses for easy and fast fulfillment of orders.

Our dropship management system can import supplier’s inventory through an SFTP/FTP or HTTP location in CSV format.

You define the rules, we handle fulfillment.

Dropshipping on eBay, Amazon, and Shopify has never been easier. The internet has provided tons of new ways for individuals to start businesses and fulfill the huge demand for ecommerce products. Dropshipping is a hands-off form of order fulfillment that’s used by Big Box stores as well as individual e-tailers. A seller partners with a supplier or manufacturer and agrees to list the supplier’s catalog on his or her online store. When a sale is made, the seller forwards the information to the supplier, who handles fulfillment. The seller pays the wholesale price for the product and keeps the profits.

How can automation software for dropshippers increase the speed and efficiency of this process? For a fulfillment method that often has thin margins (some products make less than one cent of profit per sale!), business owners need to know that the tools they invest in are well worth the money and will have a noticeable ROI. Ecomdash’s dropship automation solution will save you time, increase your profits, and change the way you do business.

With our dropship management tool, retailers that work with dropshippers, fulfillment centers, or 3PL’s can easily communicate with these third-party providers. Within ecomdash, set up an auto-export of sales orders, and ecomdash will forward sales orders to your third-party providers. This is communicated via our feed management system, which sends order info via SFTP/FTP and emails with a CSV attachment. Need it even faster? Ecomdash’s open API allows suppliers instant access to multichannel sales as they occur. At the product level, you can define which orders will be auto-routed to which suppliers.

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Connect to 3PL, dropshippers, non-integrated sales channels, and more with our automated feed system.

Auto-route orders to multiple suppliers and dropshippers

Once you define the format of the files, ecomdash will auto-populate order files and send them to your 3PL or dropshipper. When the order is fulfilled, ecomdash communicates with your supplier to receive shipping information. Our dropship management system will then update the sales channel where the sale occurred with tracking info, and move the order to complete within the platform. All orders can be accessed from within the ecomdash dropship module.

Work with multiple suppliers and dropshippers? No problem. You can define at the product level within your account which orders get routed to which suppliers, dropshippers, or 3PL’s. And if one or more of your dropshippers doesn’t have an API, ecomdash can email sales orders to your suppliers for fulfillment. Then, just input tracking data and ecomdash will mark the orders as shipped. Set priorities for your suppliers so if one supplier is sold out, ecomdash automatically routes orders to the next supplier on your list.

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Your drop ship business model is only as reliable as your dropshipping management tool. If your software can’t handle multiple warehouses, suppliers and drop shipping providers, you’ll have difficulty exporting sales orders efficiently. Ecomdash is able to work with multiple suppliers and third-party providers, even allowing you to export sales orders in the format your warehouses prefer to accept them.

Your orders will be communicated to dropshippers automatically, so that you don’t have to worry about fulfillment. Worried about how ecomdash handles the import of new inventory quantities from your suppliers, dropshippers, and 3PL’s? Our feed management system can handle the import of new inventory quantities and automatically sync balances across your sales channels.

Not sure what platforms you should be selling on? Dropshipping often has thin margins, meaning you need to sell a lot of products very quickly in order to make a substantial profit. A great way to do this is to sell on multiple channels instead of just one. One ecomdash customer grew their sales by 40% after expanding to 3 new marketplace websites.

Ecomdash syncs inventory across multiple sales channels, allowing you to expand your ecommerce operation without a ton of hassles. Using inventory management software with your dropshipping business will help you remain on top of your stock levels and scale your business. Check out our current suite of integrations.

How do you track your expenses and profits? Automated dropshipping businesses bring in hundreds of sales a day and it can be hard to keep up with it all. Luckily, when your multichannel sales are being tracked by a dropship management system like ecomdash, reporting is a breeze. Ecomdash takes all your sales from your channels and compiles them into over 40 different business health reports accessible to you with one click. You’ll be able to make informed business decisions and finally ditch the old spreadsheet you’ve been using to track your sales. It’s just another way ecomdash can make your business life simpler than ever.

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