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Our dropshipping management system offers hands-off communication between your sales channels and suppliers. With ecomdash sitting in the middle, you can automatically route new customer orders to your suppliers while keeping product data and shipment details updated on your storefronts.

dropshipping software
dropshipping software for ecommerce businesses

Dropshipping Made Easy

Our platform makes it easy for you to automate dropshipping tasks for eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and more. From managing multiple suppliers to updating tracking details, we have everything covered.

Multiple Suppliers

Multiple Suppliers

Manage multiple suppliers by prioritizing which supplier receives the order at the product level.

SKU Mapping

SKU Mapping

Track products assigned different product identifiers from different suppliers as one product.

Sync Shipment Tracking

Sync Shipment Tracking

Embrace the hands-off approach by automatically updating the sales channels with shipping and tracking details.

Dropship Inventory Automation

Sync your supplier’s product data in ecomdash via SFTP, FTP, or HTTP location for accurate catalog listings.

  • Price products and list to an unlimited number of sales channels
  • Define how often we update product quantities
  • Have a supplier with API feeds only? Use our open API to connect
dropship warehouse inventory automation

Dropship Order Automation

Receive sales orders with products from different suppliers and we’ll split the order and route it to the correct supplier for fulfillment. If a supplier is sold out, we’ll route the order to the next prioritized option.

  • Connect to as many suppliers as your business needs at no extra charge
  • Define which products are auto-routed to which supplier
  • Once fulfilled, we automatically update the order status with tracking info
dropshipping order management system

Intuitive Feed Management

With our feed system, you can configure and import a supplier’s inventory via SFTP/FTP or HTTP location in CSV or TXT format. We send order data via SFTP/FTP and emails with a CSV or TXT attachment. We support the following delimiters: comma, semicolon, tab, tilde, and pipe. We also offer an API that gives suppliers instant access to sales.

dropship warehouse feed management
ecomdash review

“A very well put together technology supported by an excellent management and technical staff. A great team of real people.”

Harry G., CEO of Asortech

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Dropshipping Resources

Dropshipping Resources

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Unlimited Support

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Professional Services

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