The way you communicate to your customers after they make a sale is just as important as the way you communicate with them before the sale.  Letting your customers know you appreciate their business, enticing them to buy from you in the future with coupons and special offers, and communicating further information about your products is instrumental in developing a good relationship with your customers. Ecomdash assists you in developing your customer relations with an e-mail marketing campaign.

Ecomdash’s e-mail marketing allows you to create e-mail templates you can send immediately, after a couple days, or as part of a drip marketing campaign.  You can create these templates on both the product and the brand level, and you can create as many as you want. These fully customizable e-mails are automatically managed by ecomdash, so when they need to be sent out they’re sent out without any additional work from you.

Tying the e-mail to your brand means you can automatically send a thank-you e-mail the moment one of your products is purchased.  Ecomdash’s e-mail marketing also manages a drip campaign for you. You can schedule out e-mails to be automatically sent down the road, allowing you to send a coupon or special offer code to your customers inviting them to purchase from you again.

Scheduling out e-mails for a single product means when an item is getting close to its shelf life, you can automatically remind your customers to purchase a refill. If you sell a box of 45 teabags, you can have ecomdash send an e-mail out to everyone who purchased that tea every 30 days reminding them their supply is probably running low, and that they need to purchase more.

Effective e-mail marketing is a sure-fire way to keep your existing customers engaged in your business, and ecomdash makes e-mail marketing a breeze with the e-mail marketing tool. By managing your e-mail alerts for you, ecomdash allows you to automatically send out the relevant materials your existing customers need, allowing you to spend more time getting new ones.

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