Easter marketing tipsComing up with new ways to market to your customers during holidays can be challenging. Each holiday has to have its own time to shine, and your sales shouldn’t look the same for every occasion. While it may still seem as though this year has just begun, spring is right around the corner, and getting a head start on your holiday marketing tactics is always important. Here are a few tips that can make marketing during Easter a little bit easier.


Make Sure Your Concept Matches Your Audience

Your first goal should be to determine target audiences for marketing tactics. Once you’ve found your target demographics, organize your holiday concept accordingly. For instance, targeting your ads towards children or families may include something fun, while marketing your business towards adults during Easter may include more simplistic, straightforward advertising.


Create a Themed Landing Page

One of the best ways to grab attention and inform your customers about your Easter sales is by creating an Easter-themed landing page. Your landing page is the first thing customers will see upon entering your site, so make sure you keep things fun and informative without being too overwhelming. One simple idea is to consider doing a spin on your logo that represents Easter. Either adding a pastel color or inserting something Easter-related like an egg, a chicken, or a bunny. This gives customers a sense of familiarity while still maintaining the excitement of the season.


Host a Virtual Egg Hunt

A virtual egg hunt is a great way to encourage customers to interact with your website and take a look at things they normally wouldn’t notice (like your less popular products, less advertised items, and any excess inventory you may have). Offer your customers added benefit from this fun activity such as perks like additional discounts or freebies with their order. To create your own virtual egg hunt, hide Easter eggs that your customers must find throughout your site in order to receive these benefits. Consider placing your Easter eggs in places where people do not typically look on your site (listings for items that do not sell frequently or on pop-ups that prompt your customers to sign up for an email list). Consider offering visitors an email with a list of hints if they sign up for your mailing list. You can find help creating your virtual Easter egg hunt by using apps like the one at Easypromos.


Hold a Giveaway

Holding a giveaway during any holiday season allows you to interact with your customers and give back to those who have been loyal to your store. There are a number of ways to run your giveaway; one popular option is through social media. For example, you can create a Facebook post that asks customers to like, comment on, and share to enter the giveaway.

Remember your audience when creating the event. For example, if you market your products to children, consider having an Easter-themed drawing contest. For a more grown-up audience, have participants tag you in their photos using products they’ve purchased from your store.


Create an Easter Pop-Up

During the holidays you have a great opportunity to add customers to your email or mailing list, but typical pop-ups asking them to sign up may not be the most effective. Instead, consider adding an Easter theme. Your potential customers may be more likely to sign up if they’re feeling festive. If you’re considering a giveaway or other perks through your mailing list, make sure to promote it on the pop-up, as it encourages customers to sign up.


Send Out a Newsletter

It’s important to keep your customers informed of what’s happening at your store, so make sure you send out Easter newsletters to keep everyone in the know. This is a great way to remind customers of any seasonal or one-day-only sales you may be having on Easter. Remember to make your newsletter look as festive as possible and always target your desired audience.


Create an Easter Bundle

Creating an Easter product bundle is a great way to boost sales and move inventory. Easter bundles can be customized for any business. If you sell products that can be related to Easter, this is the perfect opportunity to get some of those slow-moving items off the shelf. Even if your products don’t have anything to do with Easter eggs or bunnies, you can still create a fun product bundle that offers Easter discounts.


Use Easter-themed Cart Abandonment Automation

Cart abandonment is one of the biggest issues for online retailers to overcome. While some cart abandonment is inevitable, limiting the occurrences is vital to the success of your business. One simple way to reduce your abandonment rate is by using automated tools that send an email to customers who have abandoned their cart, letting them know they still have items ready to be purchased. Theming your reminder emails is a great way to keep both your business and your potential customers in the spirit.


Final Thoughts

While Easter may not seem like a major shopping holiday, it can be when you use the tactics listed above to engage and delight site visitors. Keep your online store up-to-date and offer customers a little something special for shopping this Easter. We hope these tips and tricks keep you and your store looking and feeling EGG-celent!

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