february 2015 ebay news

Here are the latest trending topics to surface regarding popular online marketplace eBay.


Wreck it Like Beckham

David Beckham’s Audi RS6 suffered pretty severe damage a few weeks ago when he crashed it while picking up his eldest son from soccer training. The former Real Madrid soccer star and husband to designer Victoria Beckham suffered minor shoulder damage, while his son walked away completely unscathed. His car, however, did not fare so well. The $121,000 car was written off as totaled. A scrap dealer managed to pick it up, and is now listing it on eBay for 42,995 British Pounds (65,158 USD). The car was significantly damaged and is believed to have been deemed a Category D write off, meaning the vehicle suffered damage that would cost more to repair than its market value. Pictures on eBay display the dented side of the car and describe it as a “highly desirable ex-celebrity car.” Read more.


eBay Gets Closer to the Magic Mirror

eBay is teaming up with some of the biggest fashion retailers to revolutionize the in-store shopping experience. Head of retail innovation at eBay, Healy Cypher, led a team assigned with the task of perfecting a new type of mirror that “blends a computer with a reflective surface.” The goal of the mirror is to offer shoppers suggestions for jewelry and accessories based on what they brought into the dressing room, change the lighting in the room or call a sales associate for assistance. eBay is among the first of its competing online marketplaces to become more heavily integrated in the brick-and-mortar shopping experience. Though online shopping has been trending upward, many consumers still crave the sensation of touching and trying on items before buying. Mobile apps are becoming increasingly relevant in how buyers purchase in-store, and eBay sees a gap in the market that their mirror technology can fill. Read more.


Good News for Vehicle Sellers

Perfect timing for the scrap dealer selling David Beckham’s blundered car – eBay now enables vehicle sellers to add up to 12 pictures to all of their new listings, free of charge. Each additional photo costs $0.15, for up to 24 photos. EBay encourages buyers to use high quality images with multiple views and details of the car. As car buying online may leave some consumers wary of unspecified damage or stipulations, we believe this is done in an effort to promote buyer trust between eBay sellers and their customers. Read more.

Do you think eBay’s interests in brick-n-mortar retailers will affect their dedication to online shopping? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below.


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