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eBay CEO to Leave Board and Join PayPal

eBay’s current CEO, John Donahoe, is likely to leave eBay’s  board in favor of PayPal. Speculation by sources reveals that this may be in effort to give next-in-line CEO, current eBay executive Devin Wenig, the freedom to run the company as he sees fit. Donahoe announced that when eBay and PayPal split next year, he will step down as CEO and Wenig will take his place. If the rumors are confirmed and Donahoe does leave his board position at eBay and transitions to PayPal’s board, eBay’s current CFO, Bob Swan, will join the eBay board. Moreover, Donahoe would be joining eBay’s fastest-growing business. In just a few quarters, PayPal is expected to surpass eBay in revenue. Read More.


Print Labels From Your Phone

EBay sellers who purchase shipping labels from the online marketplace can now select, purchase and print labels from their mobile device. This option is eligible for eBay sellers with the mobile app – either the Android eBay app 2.8 or later, or iPhone eBay app 3.5 or later. To purchase and print shipping labels through the eBay mobile app, sellers must have first completed this process through their desktop eBay accounts. Read More.


eBay Jumping on “Same Day” Bandwagon

eBay is currently testing same-day delivery through small business sellers in Brooklyn. The 80 local merchants participating can choose to offer in-store pickup and standard shipping as well. The cost for this service is $5 dollars for customers, who order local products through a mobile app. No additional fees are currently being applied to sellers. This pilot program is anticipated to grow and expand beyond the 80 original merchants enrolled in same-day delivery from eBay Local. Read More.


Ecomdash + eBay

eBay sellers who use ecomdash can now further customize their packing slips with additional customization options, and generate packing slips directly from the ‘Paid – Ready to Ship’ screen. Updates to the reporting module allow eBay sellers to track information by SKU and also view the number of sales per month, per quarter, and per year. This will enable sellers to see which of their eBay products are moving and how fast. Additionally, this new reporting feature can compare sales trends against current quantity balances to assist in making better decisions when it comes to reordering product. For more updates to ecomdash, click here.

Have your stores been affected by any of these changes? Were you able to utilize eBay’s mobile printing or become one of the first eBay Local merchants? Let us know in the comments.

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