Dropshipping efficiency for some is as integral a part of ecommerce as direct-to-consumer sales. And while the formats may be different, the challenges are still the same:

Finding a way to maintain multiple warehouses and suppliers across multiple marketplaces. Ecomdash allows you to import supplier’s catalogs, communicate sales, and upload shipping information across all your warehouses and all your marketplaces, all in one location.

With our dropship management software you are able to upload your suppliers’ product information, maintain inventory quantity, and communicate sales information back to your warehouses and customers by only clicking two buttons within ecomdash. The first step to using ecomdash for dropshipping is to upload the catalog from your supplier.

Once your catalog is uploaded simply tell ecomdash the format in which you want your sales information to be organized based on your supplier-specific criteria. Not all suppliers use the same information or want the information delivered in the same way, but with ecomdash you are able to categorize your warehouses separately. This means you can maintain their individual ordering formats while still being able to access them at the same time. Once your business’s orders have been fulfilled by your warehouse, you can upload the fulfillment information from your supplier directly into ecomdash which will notify your customers their order has been shipped.

If you are a business that uses suppliers and you also have your own inventory, you are still able to use ecomdash to simultaneously manage your dropshipping accounts as well as your business’s shipping needs.

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