As we head into Q4, the ecomdash product development team has focused on growing our software to better fit customer needs. We’ve also added a few new updates and features just in time for the busy holiday season. Check them out below!


ShipStation App

The ShipStation app has been updated to act as the hub for all ShipStation integrations in ecomdash. Customers can use the ShipStation app to view inventory levels, import orders from ShipStation for the storefronts we don’t currently support, and export orders to ShipStation for fulfillment.

ecomdash ShipStation App


Acceptable Boolean Values for Import Formats

Import format attributes used to create products or update product information now accept a wider range of boolean values. The acceptable values are:

  1. Yes/No
  2. Y/N
  3. True/False
  4. T/F


Unit Cost App

We’ve created a Unit Cost App that tracks unit-specific costs using the FIFO or LIFO method. You can also view a Cost of Goods Sold report based on the inventory method you choose (FIFO or LIFO). The app is now available for purchase in our App Store.

ecomdash Unit Cost App


Bulk Edit Variations

The Bulk Edit option found on our All Products page can now be used to edit variation attributes in bulk.

ecomdash Bulk Edit Variations


Have a great idea you think ecomdash needs? Let us know on our community board* (other members can upvote your ideas). We’ll prioritize these requests in upcoming product development cycles.

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