It’s official! Ecomdash and Constant Contact have come together to bring business owners a great suite of ecommerce features.

Constant Contact’s innovative webstore and digital marketing tools coupled with our order and inventory management software allow online merchants to focus less on tedious activities and spend more time growing their business.


All Encompassing Ecommerce Management

Joining the family with Constant Contact allows us to bring more features and functionality to small online retailers. This new change brings about a unique experience to manage several aspects of your online business. When working with us, you’ll save hours staring aimlessly at confusing spreadsheets and data.

Our platform guides you through the different processes of online selling including inventory, restock, product listings, shipping, and much more. We provide a number of ecommerce integrations for an enhanced online selling experience. Here are some of the features that you can take advantage of when you work with ecomdash by Constant Contact.


Grow your business

Our listing profiles make it easy to list your products on an unlimited number of sales platforms like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Walmart. In just a few minutes, you can sell your entire catalog on some of the most popular online marketplaces in the world.

Not only can you add new listings, but you can quickly make changes to product descriptions, prices, and images across all channels, without logging in to each seller portal.


Effectively manage your inventory

With our 24/7 inventory syncing technology, you can sit back and relax while we keep each product listing updated. Any time you receive more inventory or a new customer order is processed, we’ll recalculate your total product quantity and update the balance across all your sales platforms. This is all done without you having to initiate anything! You can even set custom sync rules for each product and sales channel.

Whether you sell handmade items with different types of materials or dropship products from 5 different suppliers, we can handle it. Our software works with all types of business models!


Faster Shipping

Ecomdash by Constant Contact makes shipping easier for you. If you ship your own products, you have a ton of advantages with our ecommerce shipping software. Our strategic partnerships with Endicia,, and Pitney Bowes, means you get to take advantage of commercial base plus pricing on postage. This allows you to save so much money on shipping your products. You’ll also have the convenience of printing pick lists, shipping labels, and packing slips directly from our platform in bulk.

Don’t fulfill orders yourself? No worries, we have amazing order routing options:

  • Set rules to send new customer orders from your various sales channels to an Amazon warehouse  for fulfillment.
  • Route a new order from a customer located on the West Coast address to your California warehouse.
  • Connect to 4 different dropship suppliers and set priorities for which product goes where. If one runs out, we’ll send it to the next one on your list.

And remember, we do this all for you. Whether you’re taking a much needed nap, going on vacation, or sourcing new products, we’ve got your back!


Email Marketing Integration

Constant Contact is known for providing exceptional email marketing services, and with ecomdash, their services are even more beneficial for ecommerce store owners. Ecomdash by Constant Contact allows you to export customers from your various sales platforms directly into your Constant Contact database. Instead of spending hours typing in contact information, just import all your ecommerce customers in seconds. You’ll be managing an effective email marketing campaign in no time.



We’re beyond excited to join forces with Constant Contact to bring you a great set of ecommerce features. Not only can you manage your inventory, product listings, and work orders, but you can now also integrate with Constant Contact’s online store manager and utilize their various digital marketing features. With ecomdash by Constant Contact you’ll save time and money, while increasing sales.

We know you’re passionate about making your ecommerce store the best it can be. We’re here to help you exceed your own expectations.



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