We could use this space to offer last minute tips for staying on top of orders and shipping this holiday season – and over the past few weeks, we have. Today though, we wanted to take a moment to share our gratitude for our customers, our opportunities, and our team.

To our team members, who will often work late nights and very early mornings to make sure our tool is running at optimal capacity – thank you. Your hard work and dedication is what built our software quite literally, and what builds us up and brings us to new places as a company. We are blessed to have the greatest group of curious, innovative, kind and compassionate team mates. Thank you for really showing up everyday.

Thank you to our supporters, integration partners and ecommerce friends. Your belief in us is what urges us forward in a positive direction. We are so grateful to our community, and have been fortunate to develop great relationships with our shared market. We look forward to continued friendship, growth, and the immeasurable insight you provide.

And a very special thanks to our customers for allowing us the opportunity to learn and grow with you. We started this company with the sole intent of helping seller’s reach their full potential. We are humbled by your faith in us, your patience as we release new integrations, and your loyalty. We cannot wait to continue helping you grow in success and expand your ecommerce business beyond what you had thought was possible.

Thank you all for a fantastic 2014. We wish you a happy, healthy and successful holiday season. We are here with you. Cheers!


The ecomdash team

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