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Ecommerce is not a 9 to 5 business. Shoppers are online 24/7, and expect the same from the businesses they are buying from. So what do you do if an order is placed overnight, and you’re not available to send a confirmation email? More online retailers are relying on automated email marketing to save time and keep customers in the loop. That’s why we’ve developed a simple email marketing tool for our retailers.


Why Automate Email Marketing?

  • Improve productivity: Automated email marketing reduces the time you spend on repetitive tasks and data entry.
  • Increase customer satisfaction: Shoppers have come to expect immediate notification as soon as an order is placed or product is shipped. Keeping them informed throughout the sales and delivery cycle will increase the likelihood that they become repeat customers.
  • Improve your seller rating: Increase the number of positive customer reviews on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. We had a customer increase his seller rating from 96% to 100% using our email marketing tool.


Ecomdash’s Email Marketing Software

  • The email marketing software component of ecomdash automates the work for you when it comes to communicating with your customers.
  • You can create customized templates and send emails to your customers immediately after orders take place, or schedule them later as a marketing campaign.
  • Choose auto emails based on actions in the order and fulfillment cycle including payment received, sales order complete and sales order created.
  • Customize email and marketing campaigns based on the exact product sold, right down to the SKU number! Or, use this service to request feedback from buyers.
  • As part of our shipping automation software, as soon as a product is shipped, ecomdash marks the item as shipped on your marketplace, then sends a tracking number to your customer.

create custom email templates within ecomdash

When to send….and how

Cover the basics. At the very least, customers expect an email confirming their order or payment received. It’s also important to let buyers know when their order has been shipped.

Show your appreciation. Make the most of transactional emails by using them to increase customer loyalty. Instead of an impersonal  “Order #7136 Received” email, consider using it as an opportunity to thank your customer for shopping with you….“Thank you for shopping with us, we have received your order and sincerely appreciate your business!” 

Check out what CDBaby did with their order confirmation emails, and how they became synonymous with exceptional customer service. Or, offer coupons and discounts to past buyers in order to encourage repeat purchases. For tips on how to segment these emails and what to send, check out this post.

Get creative! Create email campaigns featuring some of your hot selling or seasonal products. Reach out to customers you haven’t heard from in a while by sending them an email advertising a special offer or discount you may be offering, or last chance to buy a product you may be discontinuing. Use a notification email to have some fun and show your personality …“Hey there! Your special delivery is on its way. We wish we could see the smile on your face when it arrives!” 

Reach more buyers and build your subscriber list with these tips.


Start automating your emails!

The small and medium sized businesses we work with have a lot on their plate. Automated email marketing is one of the many ways ecomdash helps make the lives of our customers a little easier…and keeps their buyers coming back to shop for more.

To get started, check out some of the support articles below:

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