We’re two-thirds of the way through Q1 and our development team is in overdrive. We’ve added two new shipping carriers, redesigned our app store, updated our shipping workflow, and improved our mobile app. Check it all out below!


New App Store Design

Our latest update to the UI involves a completely redesigned app store. With better organization and a fresh new user interface, customers can quickly choose the best apps to boost their ecommerce business. From accounting apps to dropship suppliers, online retailers are likely to find just what they need to meet their 2020 business goals.

ecomdash mobile app updates

New Shipping Carriers

We’re excited to launch two new international shipping carriers. These two new additions will allow our international customers to better serve their communities.

  • Canada Post: Exceed your Canadian shipping expectations with this new integration.
  • Australia Post: Quickly print shipping labels and ship your products to your Australian shoppers.


Shipping Workflow Updates

After last month’s release, we hosted a number of customer interviews to get feedback on last month’s changes. After the interviews, our developers implemented various updates based on our findings. We really appreciate our users taking the time to help us make ecomdash a better product. Check out the various changes below:

  • Customers can now process individual orders, not just in bulk:
    • Each order can be customized according to the specific needs for the shopper.
    • All individual orders can be printed in bulk.
    • Users can switch between carriers to see the rate changes and choose the one that’s most profitable.
  • More options we’ve added to the shipping functionality:
    • Pick lists and packing slips can now be printed in bulk.
    • Ecomdash users can manually update tracking information for their orders.

Resources: New Shipping Workflow Overview | Shipping Tips & Tricks


Mobile App Updates

Have you tried our mobile app yet? It’s currently available for iOS users, and by the end of Q2, Android users will have access. Our most recent updates were focused on order management with some additional inventory actions added too. Check out the changes below:

  • Customers can now filter orders by date to check order details and shipment information.
  • Users can scan barcodes and then edit the quantities for that product.
  • Verifying orders is so much more efficient with just a tap of a button, ensuring the customer receives the exact product they ordered.

ecomdash mobile app screenshots

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