ecomdash integrates with marketplace

Integration empowers businesses to expand to Jet marketplace

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina – May, 25 2016 Ecomdash today announced its integration with the Jet marketplace. The integration will allow ecommerce businesses to manage their Jet inventory, sales orders, listings, and a host of other functions directly from ecomdash.

“We’re always looking to grow our list of integrations to further equip our users with flexible, effective solutions to help scale their ecommerce businesses,” said Kevin Loomis, CIO and co-founder of ecomdash. “With this partnership, ecomdash can now help our customers reach a whole new audience on a marketplace that has quickly surpassed 1,000,000 customers since their launch last year.”

Ecomdash saw a great deal of demand for the integration from its current customers who are looking sell on Jet. Because Jet does not offer a portal for sellers to manage their Jet store, ecomdash can equip retailers with the much needed functionality, and at prices affordable for small businesses.

“If you want to be a competitive online seller, you have to go where the customers are, and the number of people shopping on Jet is only going up from here,” Loomis said. “We are the most affordable listing manager for Jet. They’re going to be a contender in the ecommerce sphere, and ecomdash is excited to offer the Jet integration for our customers well ahead of the holiday season.”

Jet joins the current suite of ecomdash marketplace integrations, which includes Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Sears, and others.

About Ecomdash
Ecomdash is a web software application enabling ecommerce sellers to run their business from anywhere at any time in a fraction of the time they spend today. Ecomdash automates and integrates omni-channel retailers’ inventory, sales orders, product listings and shipping processes across marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Etsy as well as ecommerce-ready website platforms like Bigcommerce, Shopify and Magento. Ecomdash gives merchants the ability to save time, grow sales, and increase customer satisfaction. For more information visit

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