It’s Here – New User Interface to Simplify eBusiness

This summer, we’ve been working on improving our UI (User Interface) to make ecomdash even easier and more enjoyable to use. We’re excited to announce that our new UI is finally available for all ecomdash customers and in-trial users! Some of the key design and workflow improvements include the following.

  • New dashboard graphs and reports. More graphs and new reports will provide real-time data into the health of your business and make it easier to predict and forecast trends.
  • Easier task management. Task module screens will have a cleaner look with better precision and efficiencies. This improved design and task workflow will be available on product listing screens, among others.
  • Improved smartphone and tablet navigation. Ecomdash will now have smarter, more responsive navigation on your devices, which will make running your business from anywhere even easier.
  • Ecomlister updates. Ecomdash in-suite product listing tool ecomlister will offer product and catalog listing management for more sales channels.  Ecomlister will now be available for Amazon, eBay,, Bigcommerce, 3dcart, Vend, Rakuten, Magento, Etsy and more.
  • Better listing management screens. These new displays will show users which product listings are active, already listed to sales channels or in the queue.

With these new updates, ecomdash won’t just be better looking – it will be an even more efficient automaton software to help you grow your ecommerce business. With inventory control software, small businesses can scale quickly and expand to new sales channels, add more SKUs and increase revenue across the board.

See for yourself how ecomdash can simplify running an online business. Sign up for a free 15 day trial today.

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Tiana Byers

Tiana is a content marketer and writer. Her favorite author is Oscar Wilde and she is a self proclaimed Etsy addict.

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Tiana ByersIt’s Here – New User Interface to Simplify eBusiness

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  1. Bill

    The only real problem I have with this change is the session expiration slider lock gizmo. Why be different than every other website for this? I leave the dashboard up 24×7, now it takes multiple clicks to log back in. It isn’t really that gee wiz cool.

    1. Post
      Tiana Byers

      Hey Bill,

      Thanks for reaching out. I passed this along to our support team. The session logout time has been adjusted to 55 minutes. You can log back in from that page, and the slider has been removed. Please let me know if you have any questions.

      Thanks Bill!


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