Our development team was heads down and focused during our customers’ busiest time of year. Not only were they focused on keeping the ecomdash application running smooth during a chaotic shopping season, but they were also focused on building new features and functionality. All that hard work paid off and we’re excited to announce our latest updates!


Updated User Interface (Phase IV)

We’ve released a new version of the dashboard which includes some impressive UX changes and an improved navigation. Here’s a quick rundown of the biggest adjustments:

  • New Dashboard: Customers can now view their inventory and business health at a glance. From a list of products that need to be reordered to new order statuses, ecomdash users can make informed decisions without digging for information. The dashboard also features an announcement section, allowing users to know what’s happening with ecomdash without leaving their account.
  •  Updated Navigation: To streamline the look of our platform, we’ve organized the navigation in a more intuitive fashion. With added quick links for various actions to showing all the various settings, our customers can see what all ecomdash has to offer.

For a more in-depth look, watch our demo showcasing all the changes.


Shipping Workflow Upgrade

We’ve released a new and improved shipping workflow for users (don’t worry, those that don’t like change can still use our old workflow). This new workflow allows users to see where their orders are in the fulfillment process – from choosing the shipment carriers to picking and shipping the items, sellers now have a birds-eye view of all their orders. Here’s a quick overview:

    • New Look: With a completely new visual look, the shipping features offer an intuitive view of how to ship orders in our system. With status bars and fulfillment types separated, sellers with complex shipping needs can be organized at all times.
    • Bulk Shipping: To continue saving time for our customers, we’ve added the ability to generate 250 shipping labels at once.
    • Rate Comparison: Retailers can easily choose the most affordable shipping carrier for their packages at a quick glance now.

Resources: New Shipping Workflow Overview | Shipping Tips & Tricks  | Shipping Workflow Demo


New Webstore Integrations

We’ve released four new integrations that have inventory, listing, and order management capabilities. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • SiteBuilder.com: Use SiteBuilder.com to create a website based on just a few initial questions.
  • WebsiteBuilder: WebsiteBuilder allows retailers to create beautiful sites with a ton of features for less than $10.
  • Sitelio: With easy-to-use editing and access to analytics, Sitelio is a great website solution for online retailers.
  • Sitey: With an easy-to-use eShop and at an affordable price, Sitey allows you to sell products on your own branded website.


New Forecasting App

Another great addition to our app store, Inventory Planner, is perfect for forecasting your demand. Retailers can connect to Inventory Planner and sync their sales history and product information. From there, Inventory Planner will suggest replenishment plans for simple products, bundles, and kits.

Resources: Ecomdash Integration | Inventory Planner App


Have a great idea you think ecomdash needs? Let us know on our community board* (other members can upvote your ideas). We’ll prioritize these requests in upcoming product development cycles.

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