We’re halfway through the year and our product development team has focused on creating some features to ease your ecomdash user experience! Not only did they design new tools for listing management, but they also implemented the much-desired ASIN creation workflow. Check it out below!


Listing Builder

The listing builder offers an easy way to list multiple products to multiple sales channels. Just select products, validate your preset global listing attributes, choose the sales channels you’d like to list the selected products on, apply listing profiles, and publish in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step workflow.  listing builder


Quick List

Use the new quick listing tool to easily list one product to multiple sales channels. All you have to do is select a product, choose your sales platform, and hit submit. You also have the option to apply a listing profile to easily fill in any missing listing information. quick list


WooCommerce Variation Listing Support

We’re excited to announce that we support variation listings for your WooCommerce store. Instead of logging into your WooCommerce seller account to create variation listings, you can do so directly in ecomdash as you have with other sales channels such as eBay and Etsy.

Resources: How to Create a Product with Variants


ASIN Creation

We’ve implemented the long-awaited ASIN creation workflow! You no longer have to go directly into your Amazon seller account to create listings for new Amazon products.  You can request a new ASIN for Amazon to review without ever having to leave your ecomdash account.

asin creation

Resources: Can I List My Products to Amazon?


Listing Profile Overwrite

Listing Profiles can now be used to overwrite existing product listing information. This feature can be used to update product listings in bulk for your sales channels, whether it be price, category, or other listing details.

Resources: How Do I Create a Listing Profile? | How Do I Apply a Listing Profile?


Smart Tips

We now offer Smart Tips on various pages throughout the user interface. This in-app education explains how a feature works and provides advanced tips to better streamline your business. ecomdash pro tips


Have a great idea you think ecomdash needs? Let us know on our community board* (other members can upvote your ideas). We’ll prioritize these requests in upcoming product development cycles.

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