At the conclusion of Q1, our product development team introduced some highly anticipated features. We’ve added new options for customer order prioritization and more insight on the product quantities being pushed to your sales channels. Let’s see what’s new!


Merged Inventory and Listings into Products

In the newest UI update, we merged inventory and listings into one consolidated Products section. The new interface makes it easy to view all of your product information in one place.

You now have a snapshot view of which products are being sold on which marketplaces, any items that are low in stock, as well as a 30/60/90 day forecast for smart restocking decisions.

We make it even easier to create new listings in bulk by showing you where your products aren’t currently listed to quickly expand your brand’s presence.


Product Update

Resources: New UI Product Demo


New Order Prioritization Options

We’re really excited about this change. These new options provide an even more hands-off approach to order fulfillment in ecomdash.

Automate Order Routing Based on Location

The long-awaited geo-location option for order fulfillment is here! You can now set priorities for each fulfillment center in your account based on a customer’s location.  When a new sales order comes in, we’ll route that order to whichever fulfillment option you prefer based on your customer’s address.


Product Update

Resources: Routing Orders Based on Ship-To Address


Pinned Warehouses for Products

You can now pin specific fulfillment centers to a product to ensure that all orders for that product are only routed to that fulfillment option, whether it is a 3PL, a dropship supplier, or your own warehouse.


Product Update


Resources: Can I Ensure that All Orders for a Specific Item are Allocated to a Specific Warehouse?


Exclude Sales Channels from Warehouses

If you don’t want orders from a specific sales channel to be sent to a specific fulfillment center, you can now exclude that fulfillment option. This is how sellers can exclude their Walmart orders from being routed to FBA for fulfillment, for example.


Product Update

Resources: Can I Exclude Certain Warehouse from Being Used for a Specific Sales Channel


Catchall Fulfillment Option

We’ve introduced the concept of a catchall fulfillment option. When an order is imported into your ecomdash account, but can’t be allocated to a fulfillment center due to lack of quantity, ecomdash will allocate the order to your catchall fulfillment option.

Product Update

Resources: Where Do Orders Allocate if All Warehouses are Out of Stock | Order Prioritization


Logic Behind the Quantity Sent to Your Sales Channels

The View Sync Balance window (which can be found within a Product Details page) now identifies the factors that play into a product’s sync balance including Quantity on Hand, Reserve Level, and Max Available Quantity.

You can now see how each of these factors affect the quantity sent to your sales channel all in one place, helping you better understand the logic behind the quantity available on your sales channels.


Product Update


Understand Where Your Orders are Being Routed

To see why products on a new customer order were allocated to a specific warehouse, you can open Order Priority Assignments within that specific sales order. You can also see if the allocated warehouse for the order was modified.


Product Update

New Dropshipper

We’re excited to introduce another new dropship supplier to our App Store. Palko Services is a nationwide wholesale distributor servicing natural product retailers with over 8,000 products. The app gives users a seamless way to import products, route sales orders, and import fulfillment details from one of the nation’s largest natural products distributors.

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