Over the last couple of months, our development team has focused on improving our user interface, adding 2-day shipping functionality for Walmart sellers, and more. Here’s a list of our most significant updates.


Improved User Interface

Many of our customer requests have centered around a more user-friendly application, so we’ve prioritized this on our 2019 product roadmap. These past couple of months we’ve worked on improving a number of our features and are excited to release the first of many updates including:

  1. Action Buttons: we’ve consolidated many of the actions you need to take to manage inventory, listings, and more.
  2. Filters: easily customize your view to streamline your workflow by filtering based on your suppliers, warehouses, and inventory types.
  3. AutoSync: control your auto-synced items globally with a click of a button.
  4. Kits/Bundles/Parents: easily view your complex inventory items with an expanded option.

new ui release for ecomdash

For a more in-depth look, watch our demo with product specialist, Ben (Note: Skip to minute 4 if you would like to skip the intro).


Walmart 2-Day Shipping Program

To help you sell more on Walmart, we’ve included the ability to tag your products with the “Fast Shipping Tag.” When listing products on Walmart, you can choose whether you offer 2-day shipping, and which states are eligible.

new 2-day shipping tag for walmart

Resources: How do I enable 2-Day Shipping for Walmart?


New Deliverr Integration

We’re very excited to announce our new partnership with Deliverr. This new integration gives you the ability to route sales orders to Deliverr faster fulfillment. In addition to the typical functionality of a 3PL integration, you can also partner with Deliverr to receive pre-approved access to Walmart’s fast shipping tags and eBay’s fast shipping program. If you’re interested in Seller-Fulfilled Prime (SFP), they can help with that too!

new deliverr integration

Resources: How do I connect ecomdash with Deliverr?


Improved Listing Functionality

To help you list products on various channels, we’ve added a new tab called “Failed Listings” which displays the reasons your product listing failed to list on that specific channel. You can now easily view which listings failed, correct the issue, and resubmit quickly.

new failed listing section on dashboard

Resources: How do I make changes to a draft listing that failed? | Listing Submission Errors


To learn about all our updates from this release, check out our notes. Check out this post for the September 2019 product updates.

Have a great idea you think ecomdash needs? Let us know on our community board* (other members can upvote your ideas). We’ll prioritize these requests in upcoming product development cycles.

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