Our office is abuzz with excitement as we welcome our newest integration partner, Magento. Now available for public use, our customers can sync with Magento in just minutes. It’s very exciting to anticipate how this partnership will help our current customers expand and grow, and better serve a broader audience.

Magento offers varying levels of structured design, with options for customers to write their own code for their sites. To prepare ecomdash users of the differences, we’ve sourced our new friends at Magento for a brief overview of each of their products. Consider this your crash course to Magento’s services- and please do not hesitate to contact us with further questions.


Enterprise Edition:

Magento’s Enterprise Edition is a high-performance solution for fast-growing and large businesses. When we say large, we mean large– think Office Max, Nike, Louboutin, Harper’s Bazaar- not your mom and pop shop. Enterprise offers the ability to create unique consumer experiences across desktop and mobile, source a global network of partners and certified developers, and add additional functionality. It’s an excellent solution for large-scale businesses. Here are some of Enterprise’s benefits:

  1. Scalability – faster performance
  2. Comes with security and hits compliance regulations (CI) with payment bridge
  3. Unlimited support, with two options to choose from:
    1. Gold: support during 7:30am-7pm PAC
    2. Platinum: for an extra fee, sellers can enjoy 24/7 support

Magento Enterprise starts at $20k annually. Prices vary depending on the number of licensed servers needed to handle load needs, i.e. the traffic coming in to the site. If you’d like to get started with Magento Enterprise, contact the sales department at  877-574-5093, or fill out a contact form.


Community Edition:

Perfect for the tech-savvy and developers, Magento Community was designed for the merchant that wants to explore the flexibility of the Magento platform. You have the capability to modify Magento’s core code, and can contribute to the community. It’s not necessarily scalable from the performance perspective, but it is in terms of function and the possibility of adding extensions. Write new tools and plugins and share them for free- or, you can even charge and make some extra profit. Magento Community is unique from other ecommerce platforms in that it connects you with a global community of developers and ecommerce experts that become your support. You can ask a .Net developer in China for help with a plugin code. Likewise, sellers worldwide can ask you for expertise. The Magento Community edition is an academic license. It’s an open sourced software and free to download and use.


Magento Go:

Magento Go is a hosted (support in the infrastructure) ecommerce solution for small businesses, or sellers just getting started. There are some customization and design options as well as added functionality with extensions, but it is a premium hosted site. Magento Go provides 24/7 application support, powerful marketing tools, and access to the Magento connect “app” store. However, Magento Go will be phased out in February of 2015, so be aware that you may need to plan ahead. Magento provided resources for successful migration to one of their other platforms, or another ecommerce solution. Magento Go is perfect for:

  • Merchants who are new to ecommerce and want to build their online store with a powerful, flexible platform.
  • Merchants who have outgrown their current online stores and want advanced features.
  • Merchants who are using Magento community and want support combined with the upgrades, hosting and PCI compliance of Magento’s hosted solution.
  • Web designers, developers and creative agencies who need to create and manage customized stores for their clients.

Whichever solution you choose, you’ll have trusted your site to a ecommerce solution with a global reputation. If you have any questions about how marketplace integrations work with ecomdash or how to get set up, please feel free to contact us. We’re excited about our Magento integration, and look forward to helping our customers reach continued success.

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