71lbs2Ecomdash is excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with 71lbs, a smart technology that gets you refunds for late UPS and FedEx deliveries.

Were you aware that every FedEx and UPS shipment comes with a money-back guarantee if delivered late by 60 seconds or more? That’s where 71lbs comes in to play. They audit your FedEx and UPS shipments and claim refunds for late deliveries, on your behalf. Once you sign up, the 71lbs system automatically audits all your shipments and files electronic claims when necessary, and directs credited refunds back to your shipping accounts. 71lbs ensures you never miss a refund that you’re owed. Here’s a quick overview on how 71lbs helps:

  • Shipping accounts are monitored for late deliveries
  • Claims for refunds are automatically filed on your behalf
  • Refunds get credited back to your shipping accounts
  • No sign-up fee, monthly dues or contract


71lbs is enabling thousands of businesses to collect their shipping refunds, and we want to make sure our customers are getting the money back that they are owed as well. To learn more, join us Wednesday, December 9 at 2pm ET for a webinar on how 71lbs can help you take back control of your shipping costs. Register for free here.

For more information, visit www.71lbs.com/ecomdash.

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