With the holidays around the corner, our team is working hard to release as much functionality as we can for online retailers. Here are some of the latest updates from our August release.


Bonanza Integration

Our Bonanza integration is finished – just in time for the holidays. This integration allows users to sync inventory levels and manage sales orders for products they have listed on Bonanza.

Bonanza launched in 2008 as a B2C marketplace and has over 50k online retailers. With this new update, our customers no longer need to worry about manually updating product quantity levels or importing sales orders.

Our developers plan to release the listing functionality in Q1 of 2019.

bonanza ecomdash integration

Resources: Bonanza Sales Channel Integration Setup


FBA Updates

We added more functionality for our FBA sellers. You can now generate shipping labels for inbound shipments that consist of multiple boxes, along with the Fulfillment Network SKU (FNSKU) labels to include in each box.

This functionality will ensure Amazon receives your inventory and accurately labels it for their warehouse.

fba internal transfers - multiple shipments

Resources: FBA Internal Transfers



Schedule eBay Auction Listings

The key to success as an eBay seller is to have optimal product listing exposure. The best way to do that is to post your auctions at the right time. Instead of being stuck to your computer, we’ve made a way for you to schedule your auctions.

With this new functionality, you can schedule out next month’s (or the entire holiday season) auction listings with ecomdash for the times you’ve seen the best success.

You can set a start and end date for each auction and we’ll publish and end the listings based on those settings.

 schedule ebay auction listings

Resources: Can I schedule my eBay Auctions to start at a specific time?


Additional Apps


  1. Kroll International: This wholesale-only distributor offers over 160k products in the Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Miltary, Homeland Security, and Shooting Sports sectors. Sellers can now import products, send sales orders, and update shipping and tracking details.
  2. Seawide Distribution: An electronics wholesale distributor, Seawide offers products for merchants in the marine and outdoor verticals. Same as Kroll, sellers can automate the communication between sales channels dropshippers.
  3. FTP Hosting Services: Need an FTP location for sharing inventory or order details? We can host one for you!


Resources: How do I add Kroll International as a Dropshipper? | How do I add SeaWide Distribution as a Dropshipper? | FTP Hosting Services


To view all updates from August and in the past, check out our release notes*. Check out this post for October 2018 product updates.

Have any ideas for features you’d like to see our developers work on? Post them on our community board* (other users can like requests). We’ll continue to prioritize our customers’ requests when planning the road map.


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