We hope you had a wonderful holiday season! The new year comes with new goals and our main goal is to continue to bring our customers features to help them sell more confidently online. Check out our latest updates below.


Bonanza Listing Functionality

Bonanza prides themselves on selling anything but the ordinary. This new listing functionality will help our customers easily sell their extraordinary products on this great marketplace.

Sellers can now list new products or edit and update existing listings. This newest addition to ecomdash rounds out our Bonanza integration and allows our sellers to manage their products, inventory levels, and sales orders.

bonanza ecomdash integration

Resources: What information is required to create a listing on Bonanza? | Listing Creation Workflows


List to Magento 2

With Magento 2’s user-friendly interface and many customization options, it’s easy to see why over 200,000 retailers are using it to sell online. To complete our Magento integration, we added listing functionality for Magento 2.X so our sellers can list new products, while updating existing listings, without having to log in to Magento.

magento 2 integration

Resources: What information is required to create a Magento 2 listing? | Listing Creation Workflows


Walmart Integration Enhancements

We’ve continued to expand our listing offerings to help make it easy for our customers to sell on the Walmart marketplace. Our sellers can now control promotions, including adding new ones, updating existing ones, and deleting promotions, all from within their Ecomdash account.

manage walmart promotions

We also added a way for customers to view the status of their Walmart listings as they are processed by Walmart’s QA team. This new visibility means our customers know when their listings are being processed and published by Walmart.

Walmart also updated their returns process, so our development team made changes to ensure our returns app meets Walmart’s new requirements.

Resources: How do I set up a Promotion on Walmart? | Where can I view my Walmart Seller Center Listing Status?


Payability App

Our app store is continuing to grow with our partner network. Our newest addition is the Payability app which lets our customers take advantage of our special partner rate to finance their inventory for Amazon, Walmart, and more.

payability app listing

Resources: Learn more about the Payability App


Marketplace Seller Courses

With our new partnership with Marketplace Seller Courses, our retailers can access specialized Amazon courses including videos, articles, discussion groups, and more. These resources are perfect for brands, manufacturers, and private label sellers. Our partnership means our customers can access these tutorials for a fraction of the cost.

marketplace seller courses app

Resources: Learn more about the Marketplace Seller Courses App


Mobile App 2.0

With our newest updates, ecomdash customers can use their iPhones to scan barcodes to create new products and update existing products. Users can set quantities along with the aisle and bin locations for multiple warehouses easily, without using a computer.

In addition to the barcode scanning capability, sellers can search by SKU number to update products, view and search for existing sales orders, and view their latest revenue data.


Resources: Getting Started with the Ecomdash Mobile App


To learn about all our updates from January and in the past, check out our release notes*. Check out this post for the February 2019 product updates.

Is there a feature you wanted added or expanded on? Post your ideas on our community board* (other Ecomdash customers can upvote your ideas). Our product team will continue to prioritize these requests when planning the road map for the year.

*You will need to log in to our support site to view these pages.


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By the way, we’ve been approved by Xero for our newest integration. We’re still looking for more beta users for final testing. If you’re interested, let us know!


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Master The Walmart Marketplace

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