Our developers at ecomdash are working around the clock to build more functionality for our users. Each month they release various updates and new features. Here are the latest changes from our June release.


New Xero Integration

We’ve released a beta version of our Xero accounting integration. Once launched, you can send sales receipts and purchase orders automatically to Xero. In addition to these time-saving features, ecomdash will create new customers, helping you manage customer organization and retention. Interested in being a beta user? Contact our support team.

ecomdash integrates with xero accounting system

Resources: Xero + Ecomdash Integration Support Guide


Bulk Edit Updates

Updating hundreds of products can be time-consuming for our sellers. In the past, we’ve offered bulk updates via CSV imports/exports to manage these types of large-scale updates.

This month, we are happy to announce that you can now update various product fields in bulk, directly in ecomdash. Easily update the supplier, reorder levels, target levels, aisle and bin location, and other product fields for 250 products at a time.

How to Edit My Items in Bulk in Ecomdash

Resources: How to Edit My Items in Bulk in Ecomdash


Track Non-Integrated Shipping Costs

With international selling and so many shipping carriers available across the world, sometimes sellers need more flexibility with their fulfillment choices. We’ve made it easy for sellers to add the costs associated with any package shipped outside of the ecomdash software and attach it to different carriers.

How to Track Shipping Costs for Items Shipped Outside of Ecomdash

Resources: How to Track Shipping Costs for Items Shipped Outside of Ecomdash


Pricing Markup

Listing products just got a lot easier in ecomdash with our new price markup feature. Import inventory into ecomdash and set a rule in your listing profile to markup products by a certain percentage for a specific sales channel.

You can choose to markup the MSRP, Retail Price, Storefront Price, MAP, Wholesale Price, Global Price, or product cost, giving you the flexibility to price your products for profitability.

How to Markup the Price of My Products in Bulk

Resources: How to Markup the Price of My Products in Bulk


Apply Listing Profiles in Bulk

Our listing profile functionality was released in May and we are continuing to expand this feature. This month we added the ability to apply listing profiles in bulk. This functionality (the same Bulk Edit Updates functionality mentioned above) will allow you to update channel-specific details for 250 products at a time.

For example, do you have a new HTML template and want to apply it across multiple products on eBay? Create a listing profile for eBay and select the new HTML template. Select up to 250 products on the Inventory Management screen and apply a listing profile with your new HTML template.

Need to update more than 250 products? Use our CSV inventory import feature mentioned earlier.

Apply Listing Profiles in Bulk

Resources: How to Create a Listing Profile | How to Edit My Items in Bulk in Ecomdash


We will continue to post about our newest updates here on the blog. To view all updates this month and in the past, check out our release notes*. Have any other ideas? Let us know in this section* (users can upvote requests). We are always prioritizing our customer’s needs when planning our road map.

*You will need to log in to our support site to view these pages.

Check out this post for the July 2018 product updates.

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