ecomdash app storeWe are thrilled to announce the ecomdash App Store, a central location for our customers to access top marketplaces, suppliers, dropshippers, and other ancillary integrations. Conveniently located in your ecomdash account, the App Store is a combination of paid and free tools designed to increase productivity and sales.


Diverse Offerings for Ecomdash Customers

The App Store was designed to provide our sellers with apps that increase functionality and boost productivity. A mix of paid and free apps, there are plenty of options to meet your business needs. The following are a few of the many offerings located in our App Store:


1. Third-party tools that connect to the ecomdash API such as

  • CrazyLister: With this free app, you can easily design professional, mobile-responsive eBay templates with CrazyLister’s drag-and-drop tool and then list those new templates with our listing tool.
  • ShipStation: Make smarter fulfillment decisions with this free app developed by ShipStation. Quickly view your inventory levels to make timely business decisions.
  • Retail Up!: Retail Up! is an easy-to-use point-of-sale software that is packed with features for your business. Our free app automatically syncs stock levels and routes sales orders to your fulfillment center.


2. Suppliers, fulfillment centers, and dropshippers that offer FTP/SFTP connections such as

  • Green Supply: A flat $25 fee will allow you to easily integrate with Green Supply, a sports and outdoors distributor. Automatically sync inventory levels and route multichannel orders to Green Supply for fulfillment.
  • Moteng North America: Automatically sync inventory levels and route multichannel orders to Moteng North America for fulfillment with this $25 app.


3. Marketplaces with FTP/SFTP connections such as

  • Houzz: Do you sell on Houzz and need to streamline your operations? Sync inventory and send shipping and tracking information to Houzz easily with our free app.


4. Ecomdash apps that offer niche functionality such as

  • Jet Returns & Refunds: For $15 a month, you can effectively manage returns and refunds from Jet, without ever having to leave your ecomdash dashboard.
  • Mandrill: Free app that allows retailers to create promotional templates and send targeted email campaigns to customers.

Here’s how to access the App Store and some of the many benefits it provides.


Navigating the Ecomdash App Store


Step 1:

To access the App Store, first log in to your ecomdash account.

log in to ecomdash


Step 2:

After logging into your account, navigate over to the “Settings” tab. From there, select the App Store located at the bottom of the drop down menu.

navigate to the settings tab within ecomdash and choose app store


Step 3:

Once inside the App Store, to view specific types of apps available, choose a category from the dropdown menu. You can learn more about each app by clicking “Info” within each app card. To view apps you’ve already downloaded, click on “My Apps” from the dropdown menu.

select the dropdown to choose the category of apps you need

Feature Your Integration

Have an idea for a feature or integration for the App Store that will bring value to ecomdash customers? Bring it to life with our open ecommerce API.

If you’ve designed an application or integration that you think would be a great fit with ecomdash, reach out to our team and learn more about our partnership program. A partnership with ecomdash can help you increase traffic to your website, reach new audiences, and improve search engine rankings. Contact us today for more information.


Next Steps

The App Store was developed with the ecomdash customer in mind. Our mission is to provide solutions that help our sellers increase sales and save time. We’re so excited to bring business owners additional functionality to help them find success, and we aren’t stopping here. We’ll continue to diversify the App Store’s offerings, to ensure we have the best features and integrations on the market to help our customers run their business more effectively.

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