Over the last quarter, our team improved our user experience, added a new accounting integration, updated existing API connections, and more. Oh, yeah, Endurance International Group acquired us too! There were a ton of updates, so we’ve outlined some of the most notable changes below.


Endurance Acquires Ecomdash

Yes, that’s right. We joined the Endurance International Group family. We couldn’t be more excited to see what the future has in store for us. Get ready to see new and impressive stuff from our team here in Charlotte. We’re stoked to have such a strong and creative team backing us while we empower small retailers, such as yourself, to grow their online empire.


Updated User Interface (Phase III)

As we continue to move forward with our user interface overhaul, the most recent updates focused around the product and listing details screens. These tabs offer retailers the ability to add a ton of information needed to list products.

Since there is a ton of details on these pages, we wanted to make it easier to use and organize information. Here’s a list of some of those changes that were made:

  1. Product Quantities: Keeping inventory levels updated is much easier by simply choosing to view the warehouse table or manage warehouse option.
  2. Images: Product images are much more accessible with the new image card layout. You can add images from this section for your various product listings.
  3. Product Listing Management: Easily view and update your product listings by clicking the Manage Listings button. This section will show where your product is listed, where you could list it, along with your global listing attributes.
  4. Movement: Quickly view the adjustments in inventory levels with the view movement history. This section will show you why inventory was added or reduced.
  5. Components: Whether your product is part of a kit, a built product, or variation, you can view those details on the screen, allowing you to see the full picture.
new ecomdash ui updates - manage listings is much easier

Managing product listings is much easier with the new manage listings section.

For a more in-depth look, watch our demo with product specialist, Ben.


Xero Accounting Integration

Building this connection with Xero allows our retailers to have access to accurate inventory and financial data, without any additional manual data entry. Merchants can control multichannel operations with Ecomdash while automating the movement of financial data to their Xero account. Learn more about this new integration.

xero integration now live

Resources: How do I connect Xero with ecomdash?


Automated Reports

Our latest app in the ecomdash app store is perfect for the analytical types. The automated report delivery app gives ecomdash customers the ability to generate various reports and have them automatically delivered via email, FTP, or SFTP. These reports can be scheduled daily or in weekly intervals, giving you the data you need when you need it.

new automated report delivery app

Resources: Automating your reports


API Connection Maintenance

As our integration partners update their systems and API, we must update our connections too. So far this year, we’ve updated our eBay, Walmart, QuickBooks Online, and Google Shopping Actions API integrations. These updates allow our retailers to continue selling on these platforms without any hiccups in operations.


To learn about other updates from this release, check out our notes. Check out this post for our January 2020 product updates!

Have a great idea you think ecomdash needs? Let us know on our community board* (other members can upvote your ideas). We’ll prioritize these requests in upcoming product development cycles.

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